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'congratulations by FTMS to all graduates' - Press Release

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Oct 28, 2011   #1
Example Press Release

Congratulations to the FTMS College Graduates who have successfully completed their studies and was awarded a scroll at the 19th November 2011. This year FTMS has produced a total of 300 graduates from different fields of Intensive English, Foundation, Diploma and Bachelor Degree. Convocation was held at JW Marriott Hotel Bukit Bintang

FTMS established in 1986 and this year is a unique year as FTMS is celebrating 25th Annual Convocation this Year.FTMS College, is certainly proud to be able to add yet another group of successful students who chose to pursue their ambitions together with Silver Jubilee.

FTMS College has collaborated with ARU (Anglia Ruskin University) and UEL
( University East London). This college is overwhelming with the foreign students from 45 countries as well as local students.

This year, the total (number of Students) graduates who excel academically have received a special award at the convocation. This award is determined based on outstanding achievements in their respective courses. Hence, FTMS graduates showed a significant increase compared to the number of graduates at the convocation in 2009. These developments show that FTMS has been able to produce graduates of high caliber and quality that have the characteristics needed in today's job market and be proud of by the society in national and international level.

The Managing Director Mr. Blair Sings said that "I believe this event has great significance to the parents who have a lot of sacrifices to ensure their children get the best education. Seeing the success of our children today, of course, we all feel overwhelmed and grateful for the achievements they have accomplished. Indeed, in the hands of our children is the future of Malaysia lies the fate of loved ones".

FTMS would like to express highest congratulations to the graduates of FTMS that will receive their degrees in a moment. After a long hard struggle for the graduating brothers and sisters now seedling harvest was made. However, this achievement is not a full stop work; it is only the beginning of a journey, to forge a success.

(A graduan's name), "All our hard work over the years shared in a ceremony that will be memorable for our family," he told reporters here today. He plans to pursue higher knowledge in an International Business Management

For (A graduan's name), she is committed to continue their studies at the university even though busy managing the business. "Busy work does not break the spirit of study and even education, I want to be an example to their children," he said.

Meanwhile, (A graduan's name), said, she was glad to get a degree and more meaningful when it was shared with her parents. He said the perseverance and tenacity they provide the impetus for the more successful in any field who will venture later.

The Graduation ceremony concluded with the wishing of congratulations by FTMS to all graduates. Families and friends were witness to this emotional and proud moment.

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