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Consumer Spending Trends and Statistics

enorman 1 / 1  
Feb 19, 2018   #1

essay about consumer expenditure

The chart illustrates the percentage of consumer expenditure by category in Ireland, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Turkey in the year 2002.
Looking at the graph, it is immediately obvious that the amount of money paid out on food, drinks and tobacco in five nations registered the highest among three sections . By contrast, the figure for leisure and education expenditure was the lowest out of three categories.

In 2002, the highest percentage of national customer expenditure was in Turkey, at 32.14 %. It was a bit higher than that figure in Ireland, at 28.91%. The proportion of people in Ireland and Turkey spending money on clothes and shoes showed a similar distribution, which was 6.43% and 6.63 % respectively.

In term of leisure and education, Spanish spent the lowest amount of their income on this section. That figure in Italy and Sweden was slightly larger, at 3.20% and 3,22% respectively. Among these three countries, the expenditure of Italian consumers on clothing and footwear was the highest, which accounted for 9.00%.
DoctorWho - / 46 29  
Feb 20, 2018   #2
Hello Kien!

It's very hard to judge your work without the graph/chart for analysis. Make sure you upload it the next time.

It's always best to present your findings in a more systematic and comprehensive manner.
In your introduction paragraph, while you spoke about the countries involved, you failed to mention the 3 categories under which the study was done. ( Which only after reading the whole essay I'm guessing to be 1: Food, drinks and Tobacco 2: Leisure and education 3: clothing and footwear. )

Your next paragraphs should be the detailed analysis of the graph. You have also presented very little numerical data, but then again, I can't be sure without the graph.

In the first line of your last para, it has to be Spain spent the lowest OR the Spanish people. ( Spain is the country while spanish apllies to the people or language )

Keep on practicing and you will get better in no time.
Good Luck! :)

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