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If you were in contention to be the new Minister of Education, what would you say.

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Apr 22, 2012   #1

Minister of Education and Student Teaching

I'm very glad Mongolian high school education standards started to catch up with the Cambridge University's. By having a same standard, the students who aim to study abroad will be available to be granted with many opportunities. This is so good. But the truth is everything in the world has its white and black sides. This means that we have large number of problems in our education field. Let me mention some of them.

The first or the simplest problem is the lack of school buildings in Mongolia. Indeed, having over 35 students in one classroom is prohibited in our education law. But insufficiency of class rooms cannot permit us to keep the standard. The worst side of having extra loaded numbers of students in one class is the limited sufficiency of a teacher's activity. Forty minutes of a lesson is not enough for a teacher to teach everything to every single student. If a class has less than 35 students, the teacher will be able to help them understand more. So, it's necessary to build new school buildings this year in every province and city.

The next problem which should be solved immediately is the quality of teachers. At this time when reputation of the teachers fell down much, the students who have a very good score on the Mongolian entrance examination do not choose this profession. Although there are some good students who are interested in being a teacher, usually most of the students choosing their future professions as a teacher are not very well educated. Therefore, today's teacher's quality has become not good enough and this problem leads us to unqualified education process. I think that we need to make more policies to improve the teachers' values (reputation, salaries etc) and set some higher hallmarks for the students who are applying to the Teacher's Colleges and Universities.

The next difficulty that makes our education quality poorer is a lack of laboratories and needed scientific equipments. The students are not able to perform most of the required science experiments and they cannot work with real equipments, because the school doesn't have them and the children can only see their pictures on the textbooks. But, if there had been more chances to perform real experiments, the students would have been more interested in their courses and want to learn more things on physics, biology and chemistry.

Since an early education is viewed more important than a higher education today, a work of establishing a day-care center at or near schools is quite required. Because of their parents' busy work schedule and carelessness, most students are unable to be educated and brought up well. The children who didn't get good care in their early ages tend to waste their time for needless things such as playing computer games and fighting. If a school has its own day-care center, students will do their homework there and they can read books with a teacher's help. With this, students will be more available to get good marks at school and become creative and independent.

If I were in contention to be the new Minister of Education, I would talk about these issues in my campaign platform.

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Apr 25, 2012   #2
...But we have too many problems with it. I will now mention some of them.some of which are as follows...
Wow. I only made one correction and would have to say that this is amazing. You have demonstrated your thoughts, feelings and motivation quite clearly and very effectively. I hope you consider this helpful, despite the fact that I hardly changed a thing. I did, however revise it quite a bit and I think it is superb. Best of luck to you!

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