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Contrast high schools and universities - Contrast Essay

Hue Nguyen 1 / -  
Oct 1, 2017   #1

the prominent features that differ between high schools and universities

High schools and universities play typical roles of the entire education system in Vietnam. In fact, there are some differences between high schools and colleges that help students know how to decide to continue futher study or start working. According to each distinctive features, there are three main aspects need to discuss: applying method, relationships, and students' attitude.

To begin with, the teaching technique is the most easy point to distinguish high shools and colleges. On one hand, teachers and students in high schools totally follow the offical schedules and textbooks. In that way, teachers must take huge responsibility of helping, even enforcing students to have good knowledge and students try their best to do what teachers told them to do. Generally, it is a one- sided technique, teachers give information to students and they just have to do those work. On the other hand, universities focus on interactive and self-study technique.That gives students right to show their opinions and get the feedback also. Teachers play a different role, they are instructors who offer guidance, resources, and feedback for the anwers students aks them. Then students have to do the rest on their own. It seems that this way is more open and flexible than the way of high schools using.

Next, relationships also have huge differences. Most students study high schools at their hometown, so their friends are tend to be very familiar and close to them. For instance, a girl has just finished secondary school then moves on high school properly makes friends with people she has known before in secondary school. In contrast, universities include a wide range of different students from different places, so it is much easier to adapt this change and make friends with strange students. Manybe it would be hard in the first time, but everything new starts take time and that also gives students chances to overcome problems as well.

Last but not least is about attitude. Due to the feature of high schools structure that focus mainly on rules, students mostly are enforced to do he tasks by other people, such as their parents, siblings, teachers,etc. As a result, they have to do their best to accomplish all the give work unwillingly. Their main thought when they do those work is an obligation. Nevertheless, students in universities have more choices and more responsibilities as well. They not only have right to manage their lives on their own but also take care of themselves and set goals as well as commit to complete it on time. The more choices or rights students have, the more responsibilities they must take.

In conclusion, the teaching and learning mothod, connection, and awareness are three proninent features that differ between high schools and universities. In near future, to adapt the creative and productive trend of the world, high schools may apply universities' style and help more students develop themselves more logically and effectively.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 12,856 4178  
Oct 1, 2017   #2
Hue, when you write a comparison essay, it is always best to limit the discussion to one common topic. That makes it easier for you to create a 3 paragraph discussion that will keep the reader focused on your supporting facts rather than jumping around from topic to topic as you did in this essay. Your reader will be forced to keep track of all of your discussions, which do not flow smoothly as you do not have transition sentences in between paragraphs. That makes it difficult to actually consider all of the discussion points as you set them out in the essay. Since this is to be written as a compare and contrast essay (you cannot contrast without comparing) the paragraph body should be represented as:

1. Comparison statement
2. Contrasting statement

Basically, an essay such as this one can be completed within 4 paragraphs if written in a manner that best represents the clearest discussion for the prompt. I wish you had included the original instructions instead of just giving me the essay to read. I would have been able to offer a more target set of advice if you had done that.
SunnyLai 3 / 3 1  
Oct 9, 2017   #3
Last but not least is about attitude. =>I think it it is not a subject of the sentence.
LadyOfClockwork 30 / 102  
Oct 9, 2017   #4
There are spelling and grammatical mistakes that should have been avoided.

... decide to continue futher further study or start working.

... technique is the most easy easiest point to distinguish high shools schools and colleges.

... follow the offical official schedules and textbooks.

... feedback for the anwers answers students aks asks them.

For instance, a girl who has just (...) on high school and properly makes ...

Manybe Maybe it would ...

... when they do those that work is an obligation.

... and learning mothod method, connection, and awareness are three proninent prominent features that ...
Ummu 4 / 6 2  
Oct 10, 2017   #5
Dear Hue, I have read your great essay about the comparison between study in high school and in university. It is good that you provide four point as the proportion for the reader. Unfortunately there are several explanation that are not clearly explain in the point of view. It is better for you to give more discuss for each paragraph.

In addition, you also may arrange your point from the very simple thing to the complicated thing. It is good so the reader can easy to understand well your essay. Other point need to take more attention is over generalization. Some points are good but you have to soften it, not over generalize it so it will be more polite to read your essay. Thank you.
lamphuongta 1 / 3 1  
Oct 10, 2017   #6
There are some grammatical and spelling errors . I think you mean "futher" is "further" or "shools" is "schools" but you typed too fast to check it again. However, your essay, in general, is pretty good.

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