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Contribution to societies through taxes or by there should be other responsibilities

MTALY 2 / 4  
Sep 14, 2018   #1

contribute not only by paying taxes

Some people think paying taxes is a big enough contribution to their society, while others think people have more responsibilities as members of society than only paying taxes.

People have different views on how to contribute to their societies. While some believe that paying taxes is fair enough, others including myself think that there are more responsibilities towards the society rather than just paying taxes.

Paying taxes by citizens is deemed a good way to contribute to the society. People who agree with this concept believe that they are delegating the government to do all the work to the society on behalf of them using the collected taxes. The collected taxes are highly likely to be utilized in different useful aspects. For example, many taxes are used to improve the infrastructure, empower the educational system with advanced technology or enhance the healthcare sector. In addition, citizens who choose this way to contribute to their societies usually do not have the time or the experience to participate effectively. Such time and experience are equally important for an efficient productivity within any society.

Conversely, people who oppose the previous concept have their convincing reasons. One key reason is getting the sense of community. Although they pay taxes which are mandatory by governments, they believe that more duties have to be done for their societies. For instance, criminals pay taxes to the government; however, their contribution does more harm than good. Thus, the best way to contribute rightfully to any society is by joining a community work or a charitable party that gives back to a society. Another reason is contributing to a society can pave the way for a better community than just by letting the government to do the work by taxing people. To cite an example, many people in the developing countries forcefully pay taxes to the governments but due to the corruption, their society does not benefit from the collected taxes.

In conclusion, having discussed both views, I vehemently believe that in order to contribute effectively to any society, people should be actively involved in the contribution process itself rather than just paying taxes. Also, paying taxes does not necessarily mean that people or governments contribute rightfully to their respective societies.
HanNguyen0510 18 / 40 17  
Sep 15, 2018   #2
Hi there,
I think your essay is quite good with an organized structure. However, It seems that there are a lot of repeated words in your essay such as "Society" "rather than just paying taxes" You might consider finding words with the same meaning to express your opinion.

The last sentence of the 1st paragraph, I suggest changing to "an efficient productivity" because the word "productivity" is an uncountable noun.

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