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The contribution of three sectors - agriculture, manufacturing, and business for the economy in UK

Aug 18, 2021   #1

contribution of three selected economy sectors

The visuals present three examined indicators, agriculture, manufacturing and business and financial, contributing in percentage terms to the UK's economy within 100 years.

It is easily seen that agriculture was ranked the most favored in the first 50 years, however, it has experienced a dramatic drop since 1950. Likewise, there was a mild decrease in manufacturing considered as the second preferred sector over time. Conversely, Business and financial saw a steady increase throughout the period from 1950 to 2000. In 1900, the contribution rate of agriculture gained the most as compared to others, at 48 percent, and slightly rose to the peak of 50 percent in 1950. Alternatively, after the climax, agriculture's proportions drastically leveled off and contributed below 5 percent, seen as the least recorded in 2000. Whilst, despite a modest starting point in early times, business and financial, gradually leveling up and surpassing other two sectors to reach the most contributed rate in 2000, at over 35 percent much larger than manufacturing and agriculture, 18 percent and 2 percent respectively. Additionally, manufacturing shared the similar trend with agriculture that its latest figure plummeted roughly by half in comparison to that in 1900. It is evident from the chart that business and financial areas have been massively focused of late, meanwhile, less concentration on the other two are blatant.

  • bar chart
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 11,940 3851  
Aug 19, 2021   #2
Limit the task 1 essay to 200 words provided within 3 reporting paragraphs. This is the first obvious problem of this presentation. It is not scannable for data. The summary overview is a run- on, that led to a confusing short data presentation. Strive for summary clarity through the use of seperate information sentences. The score for this section is based on clear and quick references, not compressed data.

While the measurement is based on the keyword pucent or percentage, the miter should not have used the singular ten throughout the report. The LR score was limited by the lack of comparative wordusage such as ratio, proportio, and rate. Words that would indicated more sentence variety and English vocabulary knowledge.
aanh1009 4 / 7  
Aug 24, 2021   #3
I think your writing is quite good, but you might need to cut if off. The information required was described in detail so well and that also brings some fatigue for the tester. Besides, I also think that you should break the information down into paragraph, cause too many letters put next to each other with make them hard to read , which will also affect your mark. Anyway, still a good work.
Goldengoat 4 / 8  
Aug 25, 2021   #4
To me, your writing is good enough. However, you may have missed the overview part. In case you have written the part but merged it with the body, I advise that you should separate them.

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