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The controversial issue - how to combine spendings for education with sport and recreation?

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Jun 26, 2015   #1
Government should spend more money on education than recreation or sports. Do you agree or disagree?

In this world, there're more and more high demands for life. When life is changing, education, recreation or sports are both deeply concerned. Recently, there 's a controversial debate about whether government should invest for their education rather than recreation or sports. In my point of view, I think it's best to advance these two edges of life, according to the reasons as follows:

In the first place, as you know, they usually say" Children are the owners of the country", we need to bring the best condition for our students like improving equipment for every school. For instance: it's so convenient for our school to have a huge library containing many books of every subject, having a beautiful scenery and modern furniture. It's like a real paradise existing in our school. The library is best for self-studying, saving teacher's time and also enhancing independence of studying. Besides, if everyone has their own computers like many developed countries in the world, they will learn many chronological tends from distance learning.

Secondly, we should award to the students who have got great achievement in studying after time elapses. . It's a good way to encourage students or paying compliments for example: by giving good- child cards to the children who are good ones at nursery school, reward for those who have got high marks in some competitions. By these ways for many students it will be their energy to keep up with their level or even get promotion. That money or rewards are worth being given to those students.

In addition we should develop teacher's quality. Teachers play a strongly important part in making up genius for our country. Thus, it's necessary. By many ways, with many courses even abroad ones, our teachers are more and more experienced and professional in teaching.Otherwise, we can hire foreign teachers from reputed schools in the world to come to your school for teaching. Through this method, your school's teachers can learn experiences from the qualified hired teachers so that they can apply it in their teaching.

On the other hand, reaction and sports are two typical needs for humans that needs investing. For example, there are good programs for viewers to watch every day but besides that, because of low cost,, the quality has gone down, leave a negative effect for watchers like many programs containing bad contents, irrelevant... Or in many amusements, the playing area isn't reliable enough for players or tourists.Entertainment is important and urgent. As a result, many experts are dealing with this problem to satisfy everyone. To train good athletics to join the world competitions.Sometimes, the small money is a sympathy and encouragement for our athletics to compensate for what they have devoted their life and spirit to the country.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that the money government invest for both education and recreation or sports is urgent and worthing. They all play an important part in the way of advancing our country. Investing like this is like expressing love and sympathy, and meaningful words for the soul of the country.
lacusclyne 16 / 25 11  
Jun 26, 2015   #2
"In the first place, as you know, they usually say [...]"

As the saying goes, "children are owners of one country", we need to provide students with best working and studying environment, which can be done in several ways. First, we could use government funding to upgrade schools' infrastructure and facilities. As a matter of fact, it has always been desirable to study in a school where every facility there is cutting-edge and can meet with students'demands. To be more specific, it would be good to add a high-tech library into campus so that students can get access to all sort of information they want and conduct self or group study after school. Secondly, we could provide students with private computers or tables which can support remote learning to erase the barriers of distances and help them be more proactive in their schedule
lacusclyne 16 / 25 11  
Jun 26, 2015   #3
"Secondly, we should award to the students [...]

Governmental funding can also serve as a form of incentive for those students who gain great achievement during the semesters. For an example, at the end of each semester, governments should provide schools with money to award students and encourage them to further their study. Moreover, many children in some countries cannot schools tuition fees because of chronic diseases, financial and family problems. In this case, investment from governments may help them to receive education as other children do.
lacusclyne 16 / 25 11  
Jun 26, 2015   #4
i don't think the third paragraph is necessary because you should focus more on explaining why governments should fund recreation activities and sports

On the other hand, sports and recreational activities are two basic and typical needs of humans that should receive more public and governments attention. In particular, TV programs and amusement parks have recently declined in terms of quality which are not attractive enough to leave good images and impression on players, viewers and tourists. When it comes to sport, to nurture a potential sport team, large amount of money should be spent on players' diets, training facilities. And beside that, sport players should be paid daily as they play for the sake of their countries' images.
anamikam_vns 3 / 2 1  
Jun 27, 2015   #5
1> Instead of there you should write there are in writing English.

2> Many places you used short form as there're, you've but in writing English you should use full words.

3> In my point of view, I think it's best to advance these two edges of life, according to the reasons as follows: Instead you should write, In my point of view , I believe that theses two area is also important because of following reasons.
OP cookie234 5 / 10 3  
Jun 27, 2015   #6
Thank you guys so much :)

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