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Cosmetic surgery - agree or disagree with this trend?

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Aug 26, 2010   #1
Nowadays, people try to change their life by changing their clothing styles, wearing jewelers, changing their appearances through cosmetic surgery. Why do you think people are doing this and do you agree or disagree this behavior?

In contemporary society, cosmetic surgery has become one of the most pervasive issues, especially among women. They began to focus on external beauty rather than internal beauty, and try to change their life by changing their clothing styles, wearing jewelry and appearances. Some argued that this phenomenon has beneficial impact on people's psychology. Personally, I believe their views have both pros and cons.

Basically, there are some reasons why human begins intent on changing their appearance permanently. First and foremost, the most appealing and seductive exterior can refine a physical trait that feeling complete and confidence, moreover, fashionable dress with superb jewelry can reflect a person's taste and be a pioneer of fashion. Last, presenting a good appearance can change our way to life and encourage people's creativity.

Take movie star as a typical example, great appearance reveals a person's attitude toward the role they are acting. Stars as public figures are desired to present themselves to the utmost in front of the camera. Although an unkempt appearance may not affect their life, but it would have negative influence on their public image. In this case, I agree good appearance could enhance their opportunities in workplace.

However, changing people's life by suffering cosmetic surgery can bring about more cons. It is a drastic measure, unexpected or unsatisfied transformation may cause them to undergo psychological as well as the physical effects. To conclude, people could focus on changing external appearance such as changing their clothing style and wearing, rather than suffering cosmetic surgery.

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