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TOEFL: "couch potato"; How do movies or television influence people's behavior?

kevinhsin1124 11 / 10  
Jun 1, 2010   #1
Watching television and movie are become a common entertainment in our daily life. In my opinion, movies and television were influence us in daily life. Here is my opinion:

First of all, we can learn news by watching television and learn different culture and history by watching movie. Nowadays, we have many choices on TV programs. We can watch program what we want to watch anytime. That was helps us to contact the world. For example, when a busy man has no time to watch NBA live, he can watch replay when he finished his work.

Secondly, for negative effect, some people are watching TV and movies overly. They don't want to do other activity in their leisurely time. For one thing, they rather watch variety TV programs and movies at home than going outside to do some exercise. Some people call them "couch potato". Those people often have social problem. They cannot make a friend to others easily. Some TV programs and movies have violent and sex theme. That was always influence young men and kids. Because of they would imitate the act in movie. When the actor smoking cigarette in the movie but not in real life. Some young men will learn to smoke. Because of they thought that is cool. Furthermore, some movies were talking about gangster and the gangster always has a colorful life in the movie. It would led the children want to imitate it and join a gang to become a gangster. As the consequence, make a lot of problems in the society.

Thirdly, Of course, television and movies have a positive effect. We can learn knowledge by watching educated programs. Like "Discovery" and "National Geography". Some kinds of program have a lot of theme. We can learn different knowledge from different fields. Parents can use those programs to evoke their children's interesting to learn new knowledge.

In conclusion, television and movies have both positive and negative effects. It is influence us deeply.

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