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SAT - countless historical evidences show that challenging the authority is necessary at some times.

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Oct 10, 2014   #1
Hey guys! This is a timed essay (25min) on a Topic, Is it important to question the ideas and decisions of people in positions of authority?

Please give me a grade out of 12!! thank you!

It is in our inane nature that we tend to follow the already established authority because of sense of security; sometimes we are inclined to mindlessly accept the orders, convictions, and cultures without questioning them. However, several historical evidences suggest that sometimes challenging the authority is necessary for development. We need to wake up from unconscious acceptance, and realize the importance of questioning the ideas and decisions held by the authority.

It is never assured that the people in authority is always correct. In the 16th century, when the religion had a dominating influence on the society, the Catholic Church abused its power to sate their desires. Consequentially, the society suffered by the corruption of the Church, who published unjust and unfair documents and practices, such as dogma of infallibility and the indulgence. Although the Church held a magnificent power that was parallel to none, Martin Luther was brave enough to stand up and criticized the Church. One of his greatest work, the 95 thesis, incited the people to take a stand against the malfeasance of the Church. Although the Church imposed several threats to Martin Luther, such as excommunication, Martin was not stopped by the suppression and continued his work. The fruit of Martin's bravery, the Protestant Reformation ultimately led to Church's recognition of its corruption and called for Catholic Reformation, which helped Church improve tremendously. Martin's daring action against the authority led to the improvement the Church.

Martin's work was not the only example of improvement caused by challenging the authority. Those who diligently fought behind the 19th and 20th century US Women's Rights movements prove that questioning the authority leads to social improvements. Although the patriarchal society already had expectations on women, such as "Republican Mothers" and the Cult of Domesticity, few women sought for a way to breach the limitations of women, ranging from Abigail Adam's personal letter to her husband, "remember the women", and 1848 Seneca Falls convention at New York. The societies cruelly disregarded the potential of women, women proved their ability of labor force by substituting their husband's job during the World War I and II. Through immense amount of effort and time, women finally received full respect from the society. After all, the women's status the contemporary society recognizes had a foundation upon preceding American Activists' struggle of questioning the authority.

In conclusion, countless historical evidences show that challenging the authority is necessary at some times. Although the people of authority may appear professional and trustworthy, people should recognize the power of questioning the ideas and decisions of the authority, and the potential of improvements they can make.

vangiespen - / 4,137 1449  
Oct 10, 2014   #2
Blueblood, it would be best for you to steer away from a historical discussion about religion in this paper because it more political in nature than theological. You are opening up a can of worms by discussing controversial topics when you could simply refer to the current political events around the world that prove the need to question the ideas and decisions of people in authority. Some examples of these would be there recent referendum in Scotland about whether they should stay with the British empire or not, the protest rallies in Catalan, Spain where they also wish to have independence from the monarchy. Both of which happened because both countries believe their country could perform better independently and with lesser taxation, and the recent week long protest in Hong Kong questioning the decision of their political leaders about their upcoming elections. Even in local politics references can be made to graft, corruption, and political scandals that beg the people to question the ideas and decisions of their political leaders. There was really no need to go into a historical context.

Don't forget that most people may also not be familiar with the religious debates and the history of the Catholic church. So your paper ends up becoming a history lesson instead of a position essay. It is always better to show that you have an understanding of current events in relation to the question being asked. Do not refer to historical events unless you are specifically asked to do that because of the risk that the reader may not be familiar with your chosen historical event, which will leave him with questions rather than answers coming from your paper. While a historical discussion shows the seeds of independent thinking, in this type of essay, more recent examples serve the purpose of proving the need to question authority.
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Oct 12, 2014   #3
Thanks for commenting! I do recognize that current events are better to use in essays because they show that I am attentive to the contemporary world, but historical evidences were more familiar to me as I took different history classes with delight. I will try to use current events more though, if I can remember them in a minute or two. Thanks again! I think the Ireland and China are great examples, I am going to look them up.

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