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In many countries day by day rubbish (garbage) is increasing. Why is it happening? What can be done?

maipthao12345 1 / -  
Apr 17, 2019   #1

dealing with trash problem

Nowadays, people are working on overpopulation problems to improve the quality of life. We may think that decrease population would help us protect the environment and raise up standard of living. However, in many countries, garbage is still increasing and it has serious effect to global climate.

There are many reasons about this issue. Firstly, society develops raising human needs, people will have more demands about their life. Eating and shopping and relaxing become more essential, so people need to diversify everything but not interested about the environment protection problems. Therefore, product diversification is one of the reasons of waste. Secondly, travel becomes easier, new factories grow up, people are busier... So they do not have much time for cooking at home. That is why take-away food or food delivery is very developed, special in Asian countries. Consequently, the amount of plastic waste and rubbish are larger and larger day by day.

We all know that garbage is one of main reasons of environment pollution, and we all have responsibility with this problem. The government should be stricter about waste produced by companies, and have a plan about waste treatment. However, the most important is about human awareness. Children need to be educated about this issue in focus as soon as possible, and every individual should change our life way by learning how to live green and friendly with the environment.

To conclude, this is a very big issue we have to deal with, and action must be taken before it become too late. This problem takes time to be solved completely but if we do nothing, we would have no more chance to live a good life and breathe in a good air.

Margaret 2019 2 / 2 1  
Apr 17, 2019   #2
Let me get it straight for you.
First, in the introduction part, you should state your general opinion on the topic. The topic is about the increasing of rubbish, so just write about it. You can start with " Recently, the amount of trash has been gone up rapidly in many parts of the Earth". The general causes and solutions of the problem should be stated by two sentences following the first one. Pay attention NOT TO COPY the words that given in the question.

Secondly, the length of the body parts should be approximately equal. You wrote the first one quite much longer than the other. The cause and solution is in equality, which means their supporting sentences must be equal as well. Moreover, you had better use academic words and take better care of expression. Instead of saying " There are many reasons..." , you should show them out directly. Instead of saying "We all know", you should get it straight by saying It is clear that... Everything need to be evident and easy to comprehend.

The final issue is your conclusion. "This is" what? Why don't you just simply say it out. Since it is the conclusion, the first thing to write is the conclusive sentence. Get all of your above sentences into this one, short and clear. For further writing, you could also give a suggestion like " I suggest we should take action together in order to cope with the problem more effectively

That's all. We all are learners, so I would be grateful if we can absorb new lessons together. Peace and love!
Jipsa Jadwani 3 / 4 4  
Apr 19, 2019   #3
My advices-
1. Your introduction part is little deviated from the topic...your opening sentence is focusing on overpopulation. It should be about wastes that human produce and then you may write that it is due to overpopulation.

2. Your solutions should match the problems
For example, you mentioned about plastics so in your solution para you can mention how to avoid plastic n use a material thats bio-degradable.

3. Few grammartical mistakes. For instance
serious effect on global climate
However, you instead of saying serious effect, you may say it has grave consequences or it has severe impact.

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