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'Country history' - people visit museums when they travel to new places

Mai Chu 14 / 17 1  
Apr 30, 2012   #1
Since the purposes of building a museum are to provide information about a culture, historical length and people, it is reasonable to ones to visit a museum when they are on vacation in a new country. Here are my supportive reasons.

Firstly, a museum reflects the country's history. By chronologically organized, each section of the museum will lead the viewers living with events from the pre-history to the modern time. What happened in different time frame is also clarified by real collected things, documentary films, and artificial models. For example, when visiting the History Museum of Vietnam, visitors will explore Vietnam in different perspectives, when Vietnam was in the Nguyen Dynasty or when it was in the American War with a numerous visualized items. These experiences to see the real ancient objects cannot be supplied in any movie.

Along with the historical supplement is the cultural source. Exploring a culture museum is just like diving in the ocean of traditional rituals and new customs. Different parts in one country will have their own habits of living, and it is infeasible to go through all the country to find their culture. A cultural storage, where all the customs are recorded, is much more practical for those with time limited. Take the Vietnam Museum of Ethnology for instance, just one day in the place to enjoy all cultural heritages of the 54 ethic groups rather then spending 2 years for travelling all over Vietnam.

Finally, the most important factor to build up the historical and cultural values is people. Visiting one country's museum also means finding about the human-being here. What they did, how they survived, how to create a 1000 years cultural length ... Art museum is a precise example. The lives of people are all being granted in the paintings and by looking at them, art-lovers can imagine the stories behind.

In short, there are many ways to visit a country but in my opinion, pay a visit to museums is one of the most effective and time-saving in gaining information about the history, heritage and people there.

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