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Creating IELTS task 2 : young generation of reality life

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Jan 17, 2018   #1
In some countries, young people are encouraged to work or travel for a year between finishing high school and stating university studies.
Discuss As the advantage and disadvantages for young people who decide to do this

work or travel before study?

After finishing studying at high school, the teenagers choose having job or travelling before coming at university life. This essay will try to explain the beneficial and detrimental of it.

Having break before studying at tertiary school favorable for youngster, they can enrich the experience for outside world living. The environment will improve them about the way to get survive also make better relation to other people. While they earn their own living, adolescent makes their life independently. Changing the habit is the requirement for their life. It seems that they should start by changing their mindset to get struggle and Taft or having a strong mental to face the reality of world. There is a lot of items that can support them to develop their soft-skills also having a good communication. Sometimes they also need to refresh their mind for reducing kind of stress or shock because of new custom, so it is really important for young generation right now.

Despite the positive of choosing break before studying at higher education level, I believe that the break time has a great number of downside. As we know that coming to university needs much more preparation and it can cause failure at that period and should be waiting for the next year because the test only held once a year. Moreover, having a job means getting moneys for them, it can cause the youngster live in comfort zone and forget to improve their studying for legalize their knowledge or view. Forgetting the point, for only taking break a moment, it will make the youngster spends much more money because the time needs it much longer.

Restate the thesis, the condition of adolescent nowadays is different, whether they directly continue for studying in the higher level or taking break for a moment for getting job or refreshing their mind can give them strength and weakness for their life. Just take the positive side of the journey of life after finishing secondary schools and recover the negative, so it can support to get the better one.

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