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Creative artists should be given liberty to express themselves; like on Facebook

pgaur 3 / 4  
Oct 1, 2012   #1
Creativity is something which everyone has in himself in one or other form , but potential to express it or way to present it to others is different . Human being is gifted with one such body part which makes this species a level above than rest others is brain . we are surrounded with number of thoughts , ideas and talent . Some are able to came out in form of words , pictures , music or films and followed by people whereas some just remain as ideas.

Creative artists should be given some liberty to express what they wish to in form of words or pictures but up to a certain extent . There are many film directors who shows their creativity by means of movies in which they try to present their thoughts and make audience feels as where these thoughts fits in society or in their life. But sometimes they go beyond extend and crosses every limit which might be harmful for future generations or it is not prescribed for every type of audience.

On the social networking sites for e.g. Facebook , there is a freedom to express your views , thoughts and as this is a social site a number of people are following it . Sometimes artists by means of such sites or picture messages in newspapers provide that sort of creativity which can have a negative impact on the image of government or any associated departments like police . Government should give them freedom to express their views but with some restrictions whether these would be in terms of target audience or some exclusions on topics to comment upon.

Some sort of medium like music / films in which creative person expresses their ideas have a quick and huge impact on people who are following such medium makes it a mandatory move to have restrictions on them.

EF_Susan - / 2,365 12  
Oct 1, 2012   #2

This is a very interesting topic and a conversation that has been ongoing for quite some time. That being said, I would start with seeing if there is certain length/word count you are trying to keep to. Depending on what that is, see if you can expand on what you started with here. It seems like you are a bit conflicted as to which side of the argument you are on. weather you are trying to be one one side of the argument or stay neutral, you should try to give some examples to support your ideas. You have some interesting points, but as is they still seem a bit vague.

Keeping in line with which side of the argument you are on if any, you need a conclusion. you seem to cut yourself off suddenly while in the middle of making a point on the subject. I would say try to really narrow down the point you are trying to get across with this essay and close on that.

Hope this helps!!
OP pgaur 3 / 4  
Oct 1, 2012   #3
1. Actually i try to show that yes freedom to be given to creative persons but with some restrictions.
2. I agree i should have a good ending instead of just cut off suddenly.

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