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Creativity and Entrepreneurship - young people are more creative than the old in business

Sanazhemmati 1 / -  
Mar 14, 2019   #1

Youth and Creativity

In this day and age creativity is of considerable importance in the businesses to reach the determined objectives in the face of competition with competitors. As a result companies tend to hire more creative staffs. In my opinion, young people are more creative than olds. This essay will offer the reasons.

Firstly, in term of synthesizing ideas from a wide variety of sources, young people are more capable. In dealing with hi-tech skills they are generally better educated and could surf the Internet and social media to find information and read articles in way that was unimaginable for earlier generation.

In addition, young people are open to new ideas. Such ideas maybe pose failure in business sometimes. Old generations have fear of failure moreover they are conservative to try new ways so as not to be innovative. But young people have entrepreneurial spirits and try new ways and press on to achieve organizational goals.

Finally, from the psychological perspective humans become prisoners of their own success. Sticking with what works makes them both more successful and less creative. So for achieving to success, a young person is more enthusiasts.

To sum up, however young persons are less experienced to recognize which ides have significant potential to success, their creativity could be lead to entrepreneurship to run a new business or make the process more convenient to do.
liuzhengxian 2 / 1 3  
Mar 16, 2019   #2
Hi @Sanazhemmati,
I supposed you were writing a short essay for language tests like TOEFL or IELTS.
Following this assumption, for your reference, I will give some humble suggestions.

green: suggestion
red: grammatical error

First paragraph

In this day and ageThese days creativity is becoming of considerable more and more important in the competitive businesses industries. to reach ... of competition with competitors.

... more creative than olds the elderly. This essay will offer provide the(Specific numbers like 3 or 4 help me to catch up with your point of view faster.) reasons below.

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