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Crime: recidivism of criminals. Causes and solutions

Thanh Hien 2 / 1  
Nov 2, 2018   #1
Many criminals commit further crimes as soon as they released from prison. What do you think are the causes for this?
What possible solutions can you suggest?

Repeat Offenders

That a lot of offenders repeat crimes after being liberated from jail is a growing concern for society. Several causes and feasible measures of this phenomenon will be covered in this essay.

There are some factors contributing to this context. First of all, rehabilitation programs in prisons are barren. In other words, keeping law-breakers in a cage cannot change their minds since they do not repent of serious consequences they have caused to the community and themselves. Furthermore, those who have been sentenced to prison frequently receive the alienation from other people. As a result, seeking employment is definitely difficult for them, leading to their recidivism in order to avoid poverty.

With the aim of mitigating this issue, a number of actions should be taken into consideration. To begin with, the government needs to improve the quality of the re-education process. For instance, convicts should be equipped with moral lessons to make them recognize their guilt and behave ethically, social skills as well as vocational training to help them earn incomes as soon as they are discharged. In addition, more and more campaigns and extracurricular activities should be organized to change citizens' attitudes towards released criminals. By this way, the public can understand the psychological pressure of the prisoners, renounce the stigma and alienation, and show their generosity to the contrition of internees. Therefore, those people are likely to have a better life afterwards.

To summarize, despite various reasons why law-breakers backslide, I am convinced that the state and community should be involved in precluding ex-offenders from relapsing into crimes.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,223 4319  
Nov 3, 2018   #2
Thanh, in the prompt paraphrase, you should have outlined the discussion to come based on your direct response to the given questions. Please remember that where questions that do not ask for a opinion are given in a Task 2 essay, a direct response of one sentence per question must be given as part of the thesis restatement in your response. Therefore, for your opening paraphrase, you should have indicated a full response to question 1 and question 2. such as:

One of the major causes that push the criminals to commit crimes upon leaving prison or jail is because they cannot find employment as an ex-convict. Therefore, the government should start a program that compels business owners to hire an ex-convict once he has completed his sentence and is returned to society.

Now, based upon your direct response to the question, the next 2 reasoning paragraphs should merely expand upon your given reasons in the prompt restatement. While you did a good job of discussing the reasons and possible solutions in your current essay, the problem with it is that your reasons are too many and the supporting ideas are incomplete. That created a less than clear discussion and reasoning presentation on your part, which may have an effect on your C&C scoring consideration. Therefore, you did a good job in the discussion, but it has room for improvement.

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