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The Crowd Stadium - essay

nishat_bhuiyan 1 / -  
Apr 11, 2008   #1
The feeling was exhilarating. My hold body was experiencing crucial anxiety. It was like a dream come true. To meet someone you have grown up simply loving was tempting. I kept pinching myself assuring that it was for real.

My wonderful husband surprised with me what was without doubt the perfect gift. He got tickets to Temptation 2004 which was aimed as the biggest ever Bollywood concert.

Standing in that stadium, only one thought crossed my mind- the fact that I was fortunate one among the millions of people standing with utter anticipation to view this spectacle.

The show promised performance from the leading stars of Indian cinema. Nevertheless, among all the stars my heart only raced when I thought of meeting my idol- Shahrukh Khan.

As the crowd started chanting, 'Shahrukh, Shahrukh!', I thought I was going to faint. It was absolutely nerve- wrecking. He was going to be in stage any minute now.

The crowd grew intense. It was obvious from their continuous cheers that they could not wait for the stars to get on stage.
Suddenly, in the midst of all this anticipation a spotlight was seen on stage. Everyone started cheering with joy. Thunderous claps from the crowd took place.

A voice was heard from the background. It was a man's voice. He was introducing the stars. With the introduction of each star, the crowd went ballistic. I myself could not control my thrill and participated in the elating response.

However, things just went beyond control when the star of the show, Shahrukh, got on stage. When I laid my eyes on him- I felt faint- like. He had a divine presence. You could not help gawking at him.

I felt of tears of joy tricking down my cheeks. Some of the girls in the crowd seem to be experiencing the same sentiment. To most of us, Shahrukh just seemed to be a supernatural being.

The crowd's reaction seemed to signify the affection we fans felt towards this star. The moment he started talking, I swear I thought I was going to faint. Well, even though I did not do the act many of fans experienced the crowd aggression. One remarkable fan from the crowd fainted among the midst.

As the show went on and the superb performances carried out, the energetic appreciation from the crowd was unbelievable. The crowd showed no restraint to those divine personalities on stage.

The night was without comprehension a magical one and it was worth every penny. I cannot thank my husband for giving me the gift of a lifetime. As the crowd left the auditorium, everyone had the look of downright satisfaction on their faces.

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