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cultural identity lost because the emerge of internet. IELTS

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Mar 8, 2015   #1
Topic; A great many countries around the wolrd are gradually losing their cultural identity because of prevalence of the Internet.To what extends do you agree or disagree with this statesment?

Many people worry about the disadvantages caused by Internet could bring devastating consequences to people and the society.Many bad effect have already happened,such as violating personal privacy,increasing number of cases of newly-type crime,specially the one that people are losing their cultural identity.On my view,I totally agree on this argument and I believe we should do something to prevent it from getting worse.

It is the Internet that connect people together in an unimaginable way.Before the appearance of the Internet, the boundaries between each country still distinct for geographic reistrictions.In that way,one countries' cultural concepts and values permeate others easily.In some extend,weaken the unity of a nation .People especially youth are willing to spend more time knowing intersting news or celebrity gossip instead of learning their own cultural and history.After everything becomes globally-cultural,economy,politics,more and more preofessionals and government are inclined to finish their job and tasks in a cooperative way to give a win-win situations.Moreover, one country's cultural and view are easily abandoned by their citizens if they are aware of that other country is superior to themselves in this competitive wolrd. The concept of cultual identity is becoming more and more vague,the learning of our own cultural spirit are gradually replaced by fashion information and high technology.

With this expected result some action should be implemented.Building our legal system concerning our own distinctive cultural especially to teenagers .To accept this reality but minimize the impact to us,treating Internet with a correct and positive attitude,taking this chanllenge bring by Internet and following this trend,then we can make a better world.

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