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"Culture an Inescapable Thing" - synthesis essay

RedGod 1 / -  
Oct 8, 2015   #1
Writing a essay for class,need criteria on it.

Culture an Inescapable Thing

People are what their culture makes them. It brings people together or separate them, through heritage. As it is our interaction with the world; influenced through our childhood and heritage. Culture is the most influential element in society, it impacts the way a person views their surroundings, affecting their morals, values, and decisions.

Culture becomes our guidelines sometimes blinding us. A person acts the way they do, because they were raised that way. This is especial true in Robert Lake's letter "An Indian father's plea". In the letter he informs his son's teacher how his classmates are treating him due to him being cultural different. The classmates act in this way due to their culture, and the values they have inheritance from their ancestors. These values are racist and judgmental, for example "He ask why one young white girl at school who is his friend tells him, "I like you, Wind-Wolf, because you are a good Indian." This shows that his classmate's culture is infused with judgment of others based on the color of their skin. Similar Pico Iyer's essay "where worlds collide" shows another case where cultural views are clouding one's judgement. "Yes on proposition 187. Mexicans go home" (Iyer 51), shows a negative view of Mexicans, as proposition 187 issued in 1994 stated that no alien make receive public benefits. This shows how American people wanted to separate Mexicans from Americans, this issue resulted from cultural differences.

Culture stays with one's self throughout their life. People don't leave their comfort zone, as such they don't abandon their traditions and morals that were passed down to them. One stays true to one's culture, this is especial expressed in "everyday use" by Alice Walker. The story is about mother and her two daughters, Maggie and Dee. The idea of heritage is show through the quilts, as the central argument is over the cultural values of the quilts. "I can 'member grandma Dee without the quilts"(Walker 65). This quote shows that Maggie has no need for a physical manifest of her culture unlike Dee; she can remember with the values and lessons she was taught.

Culture doesn't influence a person's decisions, and confuses them, the best example of this would be Dee in "Everyday use". She couldn't stand her culture as she was embarrassed by it, to the point that she once wrote to her mother "that no matter, where you live I will come see, but I won't bring my friends" (Walker 60). She left in order to find a better "culture", one that was completely different from her mother's and Maggie's. In my opinion the idea that Dee was not confused about her culture is untrue. Dee changes her name to better suite her African heritage, later she comes home with a false sense of heritage. She asks for the quilts so she can hang them in a museum like exhibit style, this suggests that she feels reverence for them but that to her they are essentially foreign, impersonal objects. She doesn't understand the true value of them as they were made from old clothes used by her ancestors meant for everyday use. She has created a false cultural identity as she doesn't understand her true heritage is the one of her Mother and not her African heritage.

One way or other cultural will somehow influence a, throughout their life, it might cloud their judgment. Culture often makes people biased on a certain topic, sometimes turning into pure racism as with Mexicans in "where worlds collide". A person stays true to the ideas and values that is their culture as with Maggie, who unlike Dee didn't try to create a false heritage. Culture is an inescapable thing that will always be the basics for all decisions that a person will ever make.
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Oct 8, 2015   #2
One way or other culturalcultures will somehow influence a( a what?) , throughout their life, it might cloud their judgment.

A person stayssay true to the ideas and values that isare their culture as with Maggie, who unlike Dee didn't try to create a false heritage.

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