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Cultures .. one view of their dynamics; Pilgrims of Eastern origin

Rajiv 55 / 400  
Mar 6, 2015   #1
Have you ever thought along these lines, that instead of those people, the pilgrims, the people who came to America were from India or another Eastern country ? How would the world have turned out?

North America was like a gift to all mankind at the time. A gift of beautiful and natural, wide land. So large actually, that by virtue of its huge size alone was it able to carve out the future of the world that followed.

There are two things which I believe would have been done differently had the pilgrims been of Eastern origin. One , the diminution of the Native American people. Easterners would have tried to assimilate with them, not being of such violent nature as the Europeans. The Europeans at that time were anyway conquering many countries, and doing so without check. They actually believed themselves the better people and entitled to what they could take, even forcibly.

The other thing that would have happened differently would have been, that they would not have brought the millions of people from Africa to do the hard labor of developing the land.

Once we get over these two facts of America's history, what has followed then is mostly all good.

The America we know, of the last thirty forty years, has brought a new culture to the world. And these are the three things that I believe resulted in the birth of a new culture. The first being the wide and untouched natural country land that it was.

Standing away from the whole of the living beings on the planet, from that perspective, one could say that this was a giant leap for all mankind. Enacted by the human species and an evolution for its own furtherance.

The progressive step here being, that where the cultures had become weighed down by many unnecessary things, a fresh start enabled them to make many things anew. Defining a new government and what it was based upon. Mostly, getting rid of their baggage from many centuries.

Of the things they did so shed, the one which stands out pertinently is religion. The little history of theirs I know, explains it as becoming a burden for some due to differing factions. But I would say, as its simply lacking a stronger core.

I wish to bring out this fact ..that the world was ready for the change. What is sweeping over the world is the discovery which happened in that country. In its larger part it is what the world brought about for itself. It has elements of its original discoverers, the Europeans, in their aversion and understanding of spiritual matters. But for the most part it is a step forward in the way humanity progressed as a whole. What various countries take from there is its generic part, each trying to leave aside that which is specific to its native European origin, and conflicting with its own.

To bring out the central theme more clearly, imagine four species of plants growing out from one place. As their growth increase, their leaves and branches become denser, and their need for nourishment increases. Though they are still growing along in their separate ways -- they turn now to encroaching upon other territories. The species have characteristics of physical nature which differentiate them, but being humans, these characteristics and their differentiation is more pronounced in their internal aspects. The system of ethics existing in each, that allows them to function as a communal whole. Which really forms the basis for all interactions among individuals in commerce mostly. But as important, the individual language of each. The meaning and manner of articulation, evolving as a generic trait of the fabric of each species.

Imagine now, that one being more aggressive begins to poach upon others, even attaching itself and sucking upon them like a parasite. After doing that a while, and feeling perhaps some inner revolt due its human nature, this more aggressive species finds a huge piece of fertile land to feed upon. That draws away its preying parts. Eventually its perspective and of the entire world , increases to the extent that it sees that there is no more space for it to grow any more. For it can see all the way round to the other side of the planet, and see it suspended in a void of space.

If you see this portrayal as factual, then it might help attach significance to the activities you are planning in your future. Whether it is to benefit one part of this grove, or bring about a balance; in recognition that what is common to all humans must lie within, something in the nature of the things we think about perhaps. But I do not want to lead and leave it here with this hope. That the forces you feel from various cultures are clearer now.. of where they came from in the past, and what they push towards for their future.
lynzee22 - / 90 37  
Mar 6, 2015   #2
You bring up interesting points in this essay. However, the organization is a bit confusing.
First, you main points do not seem to be connected. It might be helpful to read this over and find what your thesis is, and put that at the beginning instead of the theoretical questions. And from there create an outline

It seems as though your main points are 1) If North America had been discovered by another culture, it would have been very different
2) The unique situation gave the founders a good chance to make a change in the world.
3) How this benefits the world.
It would be helpful to write simple sentences (after creating an outline) about your supporting facts and create paragraphs off of that.

Also, please watch out for wordiness and word order. A lot of your sentences are hard to follow. EX: "What is sweeping over the world is the discovery which happened in that country" could be shortened to "The discovery that happened in that country is sweeping over the world"

I hope this helped

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