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IELTS WRITING TASK 2 Cultures and traditions change from generation to generation

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Oct 25, 2021   #1
Cultures and traditions change from generation to generation.

Why does this happen? What can be done to change it?

That our deep-seated cultures and customs have changed between generations appears to be profoundly recognised. In a family, the lessened connection between members and the omission of the young towards those values leads to that circumstance. Several approaches can be taken to figure it out.

Undeniably, cultural and traditional values are passed down by the senior generation to their junior ones. When they remain their strong kinship in a family, grandchildren are able to approach stories and practices related to invaluable traditions and customs; however, these days, the young and their grandparents seem to form an unseen gap which has hindered them from understanding each other and building up their close-knit relationship. For this reason, variety of lessons in term of cultures cannot be transferred properly and effortlessly. Additionally, many youngsters consider those values old-fashioned, therefore, they choose to ignore or discard those implementations. Compared to their senior who are familiar with many cultural practices, they have a preference for some more trendy and enjoyable activities.

In order to address this phenomenal, all of us must join hands. Parents, in a family, should be a bridge between two other generations because they can help to strengthen the family connection. For example, parents can hold regular family reunions where the young can listen to the old in the family. Thanks to those events, such traditions and customs can be inherited to some extent. Moreover, the press, online and offline, should pen more articles and stories to unravel and emphasise our entrenched values which call for concern from the young to preserve them. To draw more attention, those pieces of news should be made more interesting and enchanting with both facts and illustrations.

To sum up, we face the difference of how each generation reckon about our precious cultures and traditions. Regarding preservation of those cultural and conventional treasure, it is indispensable to know the causes in advance.

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