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IELTS Task 1 : customer satisfaction lever with airlines and aspects of air travel

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Jan 16, 2014   #1
The chart and table below show customer satisfaction level in the US with airlines and aspects of air travel in 1999, 2000 and 2007.

First of all, there are providing the data which consist of the bar chart of the job nation's major airlines and the table of specific aspects of the flying experience over the duration of several years period. A more detailed look at the chart indicates that from 1999-to-2007 the percentage of satisfied had increased onwards (65%, 69%, 72%), while dissatisfaction levels decreased, in 1999 was 32 percent, in 2000 was 29 percent and in 2007 was 24 percent.

Moving onto the data in the table of specific aspects of the flying experience, the satisfaction of courtesy of flight attendants grown in 1999 onwards and sat a peak at 92%. From 1999 to 2000, the numbers of satisfaction was a notable rise by up about 87-to-89 percent, while in 2007 percentage of courtesy of check-in/gate agents fell by 88%. What is more, Schedules occurred in the third place with 75% in the 1999 and stayed in the same percentage in the 2000-to-2007 (79 percent). Standing in contrast, the price of tickets was the bigger increase in satisfaction, where the figures rose nearly 1999-to-2007 approximately 30%, while the seating was least satisfied.

If we analyze the data we can see several trends clearly emerging. Firstly, the numbers of satisfaction year-by-year was rising well, while dissatisfied could resolve over the eight years. Secondly, turning to the data of flying experience, costumers were most satisfied with the courtesy of flight attendants. Having said this, the biggest increase in satisfaction was in connection with ticket prices.

All in all, the levels of satisfaction were growing throughout the period, and excellent service from staff was getting better to obtain good feedback from customer.

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Jan 16, 2014   #2
You should have uploaded the chart together with your essay. It helps us to provide you more relevant comments.

Also, adopt a more formal tone for this task as this is going to test your report writing skills.

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