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Cutting-edge communication technology affect people's personal relationships

angga93 42 / 74 20  
Mar 28, 2016   #1
The use of electronic media has a negative effect on personal relationships between people.
To what extent do you agree or disagree?

Cutting-edge communication technology influences the way people interacting with each other. It is true that electronic devices bring a drawback in social relationships, but I totally disagree if this developed technology is seen as a sinister in people's personal lives.

Some people state that social connection among them is badly affected by the mass uses of electronic communication equipment, such as convenient mobile phones. Electronic media these days are easy to be used by people of all generations, from the children to the old. The most handy, sophisticated and favourite communication device, smart phone, makes people more likely to focus on their devices when they met with other people in real life. When in a meeting, for example, people who addicted to smartphones are easily distracted by the ring of it and ignore their surroundings. However, although it is evident that there is a bad effect of using electronic media for communication, I state that the use of this style of communication are absolutely beneficial.

Undoubtedly, electronic devices widen the range of people's connection with other people. As nowadays virtually every people owns an advanced communication devices, it is possible for the to keep in touch with anyone, anytime and anywhere they want. The difference of time zone and the length of distance does not matter. In addition, recently group chat becomes popular among people as it can connect people with someone who is barely known in the past. Thus, it can increase the number of relations they have.

In conclusion, it is true that there is a negative effect of electronically communication style, but it is not a great deal compared to the benefits. In my view, people should balance their virtual and real-life communication in order to avoid their prior relationships get worse.
justivy03 - / 2,366 607  
Mar 29, 2016   #2
Hi Angga, after reading your essay, in conclusion, it is clear that you have an argument set for this prompt. What I'd like to mention is that the details of your argument are base not only on facts but on reality of life, some writers would actually not take the long road of analyzing the prompt and link it to current situation but you break that norms. Not only this, you also made sure that you have the ideas intact, through and through, meaning you wrote the essay with the same purpose from the beginning through out the essay.

One more thing, you were not afraid to talk about the negative effects of technology in todays society. As this is an argument, it is a known fact that you have to have the positive effects as well as the negatives, what you did is, you made sure that the ideas are balanced and apt to the standard and the purpose of the essay.

Overall, you have a well written essay and I hope to see more of your articles here on EF.

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