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Why is cycling not popular in many places? And how to increase its popularity?

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Mar 29, 2021   #1
Writing task 2 ( IELTS ):

Cycling is more environmentally friendly than other forms of transport.

Why is it not popular in many places? And how to increase its popularity?

It is needless to say that travelling by bicycle is completely carbon-free and beneficial to the environment, but despite this fact many people still opt for gasoline-fueled automobiles as their main form of transportation. This essay will examine why this phenomenon came about and then bring forth some practical solutions in an attempt to make cycling more preferable among the public.

Although cycling might bring a lot of benefits for society as a whole, an individual might find it discouraging to make it a habit due to various reasons. The most apparent of which being the slow travelling speed due to the mechanism purely based on human physical productivity. This means that long distance travel could be very time-consuming and therefore greatly affects people with a tight schedule, especially in urban areas where many people are already struggling to manage their time budget. Another factor associated with this is that cyclists are more exposed to the weather as compared to those who go by car, which mostly are equipped with air-conditioners. This has a cumulative effect with the aforementioned and can result in serious health problems, like heat exhaustion or even heat stroke which are fairly common in tropical countries.

Many actions, however, can be taken by different bodies to incentivize people to travel by bike more often. Environmentally conscious companies can counterbalance the time-consuming aspect of cycling for their employees by applying a later hour to start work or an earlier hour to leave work for those who are willing to take a bike to work. This will directly help these employees in terms of time management as well as further motivate them on doing so by showing them that their superiors also care about a green environment and acknowledge their contribution towards it. Governments can also indirectly encourage the choice of bicycle by imposing heavier road fees for vehicles using carbon-based fuel. This strategy is quite effective for people with middle income or below as road charges could be piled up to a substantial number every year, thus making cycling more appealing to a portion of the population.

In conclusion, the absence of cycling as a transportation around the world can stem from many causes, including sociological and biological factors. Nevertheless, steps can be taken, by businesses or the authorities, to increase the people's interest in this form of travelling.
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Apr 8, 2021   #2
You are being asked 2 direct questions at the end of the original prompt. You are required to give a direct response to each question as these constitute your discussion body and thesis statement. There is no clear response given to the questions which means that you are not really sure of your opinion and how to discuss it. It is best to always present the discussion responses as these are scored as a part of the TA section of your final score. Single sentence response that incorporate the original question in the response helps to move the essay forward, describing the instructions that were provided, won't help your score. The examiner already knows what the questions are, he is expecting to read your response to the questions in a format that tells him what to expect in the discussion paragraphs. You don't need to discuss the responses, just give the examiner an idea of how relevant your response might be to the question provided.

Learn to use transition sentences within your paragraphs. Your discussion points are good, but not really related to one another. A transition sentence will help your Coherence score as it will create a bridge, commonality, and discussion connection between the 2 otherwise unrelated points. For example:

... time budget. Then, there is the question of discomfortt during travel time. Cars have air conditioners to keep the traveler cool during hot days, bicycles do not...

The addition of the transition sentence creates the cohesiveness the examiner will look for with regards to the relationship between your reasoning topics.

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