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Daily tasks without meeting people face to face - effects it may have on individuals and the society

madmoiselle 21 / 32 5  
Jul 17, 2016   #1
It is now possible to perform everyday tasks, such as bank transaction, shopping or even office works, without meeting people face to face. What are the effects it may have on individuals and the society as a whole?

Today, performing daily duties such as bank transaction, shopping or office works without meeting people directly is feasible. This is due to the advancement of technology has changed the way of people to interact each other. However, there are some effects on individuals and the whole of society owing to this change.

Lack interaction among people leads society to be more individualist. They relish spending their time solely and more communicating with people they need to talk with via internet as opposed to speaking face to face, in which taking much money and energy to meet them in the long distance. Furthermore, they suppose by using the cutting-edge of technology, it is not longer need other people to help their daily tasks, because they believe can do it by their self. Hence, it is undeniable that the society becomes more anti social.

In addition, people become dependence on using the internet. Everyday, they spend a lot of their time in the screen rather than getting around. In the house for instance, the relation among family member, either between husband and wife or among parents and children becomes less. The harmonization within family is flat and lack affection, due to people prefers spending their daily pursuits with their gadget. Thus, using technology abounds should be taken into account.

In conclusion, it is true that the advancement of technology has helped society in performing their daily tasks. However, people should limit their self to use it, considering the possibility effects that might occur.

Wolf Larsen - / 127 47  
Jul 17, 2016   #2

There are a few stylistic/grammar adjustments that can be applied to your text. They are as follows:

Today [...] Nowadays, one can go about taking care of his or her daily professional duties, such as...[...] without having to interact with people physically.
This is due [...] Such a development was made possible by the ongoing technological progress.
there are some [...] other effects...
The [...] lack...
leads [...] causes...
They relish [...] One of the reasons for this is that those addicted to the internet become increasingly incapable of indulging in the face-to-face type of socialization with others.

Furthermore [...] As a result, these people tend to apply an individualistic approach to dealing with life challenges.
Hence [...] the society's integrity is being undermined from within.
become dependence [...] dependent...
of their time [...] looking at the computer screen...
the relation [...] relationships... [...] become increasingly formal.
The harmonization [...] within a family is nearly impossible, as its members are completely preoccupied with their hi-tech gadgets.
has helped the society [...] to remain on the path of socio-cultural advancement.
However [...] people should not grow overly dependent on technology.

I hope this helped. regards.

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