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These days people in some countries tend to live a lavish lifestyle

hahihe15 1 / -  
Nov 27, 2021   #1

"throwaway" society

In this day and age, citizens tend to live in a lavish civilization in a few nations, people only avail objects of a brief period after tossing them away. From my perspective, this phenomenon is driven by myriad reasons and some adverse impacts could have on individuals.

There are two underlying reasons why people behave in that manner. First and foremost, people desire to stay at pace with the trend. To avoid falling behind, the public would seek more new gorgeous items that are appropriate for the times. For instance, young people readily afford around 2000 dollars for a trendy smartphone from Apple company to show it off to netizens. Another main culprit behind over-consumerism is advertisements. They appear throughout all places with a variety of eye-catching and stylish products that make people want to own them.

It is obvious that numerous detrimental influences could happen to the aforementioned problems. Firstly, a number of people can be getting into debt. Despite the fact that their funds are restricted, they continue to shop. Hence, they have to borrow money from the bank to cover those expenses. Secondly, natural sources will be overexploited. Basically, the more regular items people use, the more products are manufactured.

In conclusion, there are several factors leading to the background of the throwaway society. Moreover, the increase of consumer debts and environmental ruin are two main problems due to this community.
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Nov 28, 2021   #2
In this day and age

Use of a memorized phrase will be a score deduction in the TA section. Avoid using place holder phrases as you were taught in your English classes. Learn to write at a college, rather than high school level, which is what the use of this phrase indicates(HS level writing).

driven by myriad reasons and some adverse impacts could have on individuals.

One idea per sentence. Seperate the response presentations. Do not use a run-on presentation as it will be deducted from your GRA score. Additionally, provide correct responses that used topic statements to represent your responses. That way, the thesis statement or discussion foundation requirement will be met. A non-definitive response tends to not be given a high score due to empty logic and thought presentations.

There are two underlying reasons

You specifically said "2 reasons". Review the paragraph, you only presented one reason. Therefore, the paragraph is under developed and not fully discussed based on the stated basis. Avoid referring to the number of discussion points so that when you forget or fail to present the second topic, your essay will not be given an under-developed score.

The second reasoning paragraph has no completely developed explanation either. The writer wrote fast, but did not try to develop the explanation to a believable state. The main problem in this essay is the thought and explanation development.

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