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An essay about "How to Deal with Stress?"

overwhelming stress in today's life

Our life is full of difficulties and challenges, which always make stress upon us. For students, it might be academic stress, and for adults, it would might about job. Although when having stress is not a good feeling, but because stress cannot be avoided, we have to find our own ways to deal with stress, or even get rid of it. There are some ways to deal with stress below. First, find the accounts you like to do. Everyone have hobbies, for example, some people like singing, another like reading, and the other like exercising. While you are doing the things you like, you could forget the stress temporarily and have time for relaxing. Second, find a replacement to relieve your stress. You can go boxing, imagining that the thing which make you disappoint is just in front of you, and then strike it with all your strength! Or you can just climb on a hill or a mountain, and shout out your troubles loudly. After doing this, you feel an obvious relief. Third, tell your annoyances to someone who you fully trust, it could be you families, your best friend, or even your pets. It is important to get rid of those bad emotions. The person you talk to should be patient and willingly to listen to your complaint. Last but not least, be sure to get enough sleep and relaxing. When you are under stress, you should not stay up late or put yourself to the extreme. Sufficient rest is necessary if you are in bad condition. There are still many various means to help us to deal with stress, the most important point is to find your way to fight against stress so that you can live on a challenging instead of stressful life.

May 10, 2017   #2
Connie, the main problem that this piece of writing has is related to the format. You need to divide the presentation into paragraphs and make sure that you discuss your related topics per paragraph. By outlining the discussion in that manner, you will allow the reader to properly follow the flow of your thought and also lessen the stress on the eyes which is created by the extremely tight writing on the page.

For the first paragraph, you need to develop a proper thesis statement to help introduce the reader to the discussion. Right now, there is no clear point to your writing. There are a few things that your opening statement has to clarify for the reader and that includes the following:

1. What is the topic you are discussing?
2. Why should I care about this topic?
3. What is your opinion on the topic?
4. How are you planning to discuss the topic?

By representing a response to those questions in your opening statement, you will be able to properly develop and present a more interesting discussion of your essay topic. At the moment, this presentation is all over the place and doesn't really make a valid point that the reader might care about.

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