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IELTS task 2 : Death Penalty Abolition and Life Prison Applied

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Sep 29, 2017   #1

convicts executions

The question whether to render a murder an execution has haunted the society in recent times. It is stated that this type of punishment can be affiliated with committing guilt, therefore, it should be replaced by life prison implementation. In my opinion, I totally agree with the mentioned statement for the viable reasons as followed.

In the first place, a capital crime can rob one's life from their hand which can leave a hostile memory for their family. This means that the society has deprived the right to survive and the accountability of the guilty criminal for their family. This can leave the legacy of the cruelty and unjustification. Considering the immortality of the punishment in medieval era that has been abolished in modern world for example. The criminals were racked with gallow or burnt on stake alive in front of their village or their kingdom. Furthermore, in some alleged murder-committing crime, the criminal can have time to gather incorborate evidence for their innocence.

For another reason, life in prison can iterate a murder's humane. During the prison sentence the inmate have the gap time to think about their guilty and this can awake one's austerity and compassion between people and people. This means that the society lets the criminals derive the grant with clemency to conjure up their life again. In my country, the prisoners can decrease their penalty through improved behavior. In addition, this can spark off a better civilian for the society from the prisoner.

In conclusion, death penalty should be abolished and replaced by life prison implementation for the 2 aforementioned reasons.

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Sep 29, 2017   #2
You need to write the exactly topic and the task.Your conclusion must be 2-3 sentences and you should write the same like in the introduction but with other words. You supporting paragraphs must be with almost equal lenght.
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Sep 30, 2017   #3
Linh, even without the prompt requirement, I can offer you some serious advice regarding your grammar and coherence. You need to stop thinking in one language and then simply translating that thought into English. Your native language cannot be translated to English accurately. You must develop a proper and relevant translation of your message in English. Practice thinking in English to make that process second nature to you eventually. Right now, your sentence development is focused on using complex words rather than making understandable simple sentences. You do not need to use complex words when you cannot even write simple sentences yet. You are trying to run before you can walk in this case. None of the sentences that you wrote will be understandable to the native English reader / speaker. For example, I cannot figure out what you are referring to when you say; "Considering the immortality of the punishment in medieval era that has been abolished in modern world for example. " I am quite sure this is a transliteration on your part, which makes it even more difficult to understand. What makes sense in your language will be rubbish when translated to English.

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