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I decided to do running - there are many advantages of running to our body

Weijiang123 1 / -  
Apr 17, 2017   #1

how to run

Many People would like to enjoy a healthy life with a strong will and healthy body through this sports. There is an easy way to exercise named running where we can benefit a lot, but many people can't keep up. I am the beneficiary of running, but I almost gave up in the beginning. I hope you can benefit from running, and you will get better exercise with my advice about problems and rules which I have learned from my running. There are some problems for beginners who need to learn some running rules. I prefer to offer them some suggestions which they can try after mastering how to run. finally, they will benefit a lot. You must to know the advantages of running if you want to learn how to run.

There are many advantages of running to our body and will as shown in the list:
Keeping your energy much stronger;
Improving your creativity;
Improve your sleep;
It's a positive hobby and the best exercise way of burning calories;
Improving self-esteem;
Making your body healthier;
It's good for people to keep running, it is good for our eyes, by looking at the view on your ways, your vision will become better than before. Almost everyone is suitable for running. It is the best way of learning a new city and also the basis of other sports where you can be more excellent by running. Personally speaking, I really got a lot of benefit from it.

I decided to do running as I was lazy and always dozed off during classes, and I have no energy to finish my homework at night during the last semester of the first year in college. Then I joined in an athletic team. It was hard for me to keep up running for the beginning, but I did not give up. Both of my body and spirit are got some benefit from it, I began to concentrate on the classes and there was more energy to finish homework which made me keep on the running. I participated in the long-distance running race on behalf of college and won. I enjoy the running very much. But I found that there are many problems about running for the exercisers of making their running not smooth when I practice running.

For the runners, they should pay attention to this problems: do not make the hip swing too much; prevent the body's center line from excessive distortion; avoid waste your energy on the unnecessary swing. Our body can receive lots of impact force to our ankles and knees, if we do the bad action in running, so don't lift feet too high above the ground, otherwise it will be hard for you. You also will get hurt, if your body is not relaxed before you begin to run. you will be very hard during the whole process if your upper body is too stiff. The beginners can be much better runners by paying attention to these key points as well as the running rules.

Are you surprised that there are some rules for running? You don't need to be surprised, because there really have some rules should be observed. As stated above, we should avoid our body moving too much which will generate the muscle fatigue and physical damage. It is necessary for us to run slowly in the beginning to make sure you can run better and prevent physical ache. Controlling breath can improve our sports performance. Please keep in mind that it will maintain our energy by keeping our breath deeply. You will run much better if you know the running rules very well. If you know about my advice, you will run better than who only know the running rules.

I advise you do some warm-up sports before running so that your physical function can be better in the running action. we can relieve our tired heart by listening to music when we are running. It will be hard for us at the beginning as oxygen supply lags behind of the needs for our muscle activity. don't give up, and you'll be comfortable. I hope you can achieve your goals by practice which based on your learning on running, that means you should practice it after the lesson, and do some action.

As the after lesson practice, you should do run frequently, and running with others people. You can learn from someone which running better than you and do imitate him. You had better do not give up, keep moving when you are in running, and you can get lot of benefit from it. Now you must have own thoughts about how to run. By my conclusion, maybe you could understand it better and do it better.

By reading this essay, we know that why we should run, what did I get in my running, we can understand the problems in running, we understand the rules in running, and you could get some of my suggestions. according to practice running after class, you will run better. To run better means you can have a better health body and have a better will power, have a better health body and have a better will power means you could enjoy your better life.<b></b>

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,840 2632  
Apr 18, 2017   #2
Weijjiang, you should focus on only one aspect of running for your essay instead of trying to develop a number of discussions within it. That is because your current version lacks a chronological presentation of facts. If you wish to discuss more than one topic in the essay, then you should first outline your topics for discussion, making sure that the related information are located within proper paragraph distance of each other. At the moment, your essay lacks coherence, the result of your lack of outline when it came to the discussion procedure. Your essay also suffers from grammatical problems such as capitalized words when it should be written in lower case and your list not being properly formatted for presentation to the reader. The list should have also served as an outline of the succeeding discussion where you would have better represented a discussion of the topic list. the listing doesn't have any importance the way you have it presented now. It doesn't really inform the reader of the benefits because your benefits discussion is not focused. Basically, you just need to make sure that you focus on your discussion topics and allow for a well developed presentation of the topics. Try to limit your essay to only one or two related and important topics in order to prevent confusion in the presentation of the discussion.

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