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The decision of whether pregnancy termination should be prohibited or not

hnguyn7 3 / 4 1  
Jul 16, 2022   #1
Recently, abortion increases rapidly and becomes a controversial topic.
Some people suppose that abortion should be legal while others are against it.

discuss both views

When it comes to the decision of whether pregnancy termination should be prohibited or not, opinions differ among people. Although it may have some negative effects, I believe that it is more advantageous if they allow abortion.

On the one hand, abortion ban has a good influence on individuals and society. It is such a dangerous procedure that the mothers could be put at high risk for some health problems like infection, bleeding, heart diseases, and so on. Even if the operations are conducted legally at hospitals with high expertise doctors and good medical conditions, these risks are just minimized, not wholly disappear. Furthermore, pregnancy termination is considered to be murder. As life is likely to start at the beginning stage of pregnancy, putting an end to it means killing a person.

On the other hand, this method should be legal for some benefits. To begin with, abortion can help prevent women from poor living conditions when they are not in a position to give birth to their children. Some may suffer from financial problems due to unemployment and the responsibility to pay for baby nurture expenses such as milk, clothes, or education. Whereas, a large number of teenage moms, especially in the least developed countries like Pakistan, will be forced to leave school and get married early, which could drive them to a future of joblessness and poverty. Moreover, abortion could save women from mental breakdown, depression, or even suicide in case of unintended pregnancy, for example, as a result of rape or forced marriage. Another advantage is that it ensures the rights of women to make decisions about their bodies. As the unborn baby in the womb is a part of the mother's body, no one other than women can ultimately decide whether to bear or not.

In conclusion, it seems to me that abortion should be permitted to enhance life's quality and guarantee the execution of women's rights.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,582 4452  
Jul 17, 2022   #2
There is a complete lack of pronoun usage in this essay which indicates that the public opinions were not properly considered in the discussion presentations. All of the information stems only from the personal opinion of the writer. Where "Discuss both views" are indicated, the keywords "Some people" and "others" indicate the points of view to be referenced in the reasoning paragraphs. These indicators require the use of group pronouns in the presentation to allow for a defined method of presenting both supporting and dissenting opinions. The writer must use first person references whenever needed to indicate the separation of 3 opinions in the presentation: the public in support, the public in opposition, and the writer's point of view. The summary conclusion is also too brief to be considered a proper recap of the discussion. Aim to write 3 sentences composed of 40 words next time. That means, properly summarize the topic, discussion points, and a closing sentence to end the paper.

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