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It is definetely a big challenge for a person to live in a country speaking with foreign language

joyyeh 1 / -  
Aug 14, 2018   #1
IELTS TASK2: Living in a country where you have to speak a foreign language can cause serious social problems, as well as practical problems.

To what extent do you agree or disagree with this statement?

language barrier

It is definetely a big challenge for a person to live in a country speaking with foreign language. I agree this statement, either communicate with others or doing practical stuffs will surely cause some serious problem.

According to a socialist referred in her book" Human can not live without a group." That means people cannot stay alone for very long time, having some social activities with others is necessary. But let us image how if you are in a foreign country and it is hard to find even just one person talk in the same language as you? Furthermore, it is your also your first time to walk around this mysterious country land, will you not feel a little bit afraid?

I suppose that for most of people step on a brand new land will get a great pressure, even if how brilliant their foreign language ability are. There are several reasons for this point, fist of all, the foreign language you have heard from a native speaker may have different accent, different ways of speaking and faster or slower talking speed. Sometimes you can hear very clearly to every word from he or she, but misunderstanding as a embarrassment status; moreover, due to a whole hard working day, you feel exhausted to concentrate on the information you have received.

Few month ago, I went to London as a exchange student, while I took off the plane after fourteen hours long fight-haul, I felt really tired and have the problems to answer what customs asked for. Even the basic query as " Where are you going to start your course?" was a difficulty to me, fortunately, the customs is in a great patient, lowering her speaking speed and try to pronounce as an America accent, since for most of Chinese speaker as I am learned America English most of time, and it was hard to alternate to British English in a very few second.

To summarize, I believe that trying to use a foreign language as a communicative tool in foreign country do have a lot of problems waiting to deal with, but it should bring some positive result at the same time, after you fight over the difficult time of getting used to foreign language.

Minh2903 6 / 13 3  
Aug 14, 2018   #2
There are many grammar mistakes in your writing, I think you should pay more attention to those:

It is definitely a big challenge ... with a foreign language. I agree to this statement,... practical stuffs (it is advised that you should not use this informal kind of word like "stuff") will ... serious problems.

Human cannot live ... stay alone for a very long time/ a long period of time. But let us image imagine how if

I suppose that for most of the people ... language ability are is.

... this point, fist first of all, the foreign ... may have a different accent, ... from him or she her / from someone, but misunderstanding as an embarrassment ...

Few months ago, I went to London as an exchange student, ..
fortunately, the customs is are in a great patient,

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