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IELTS TASK 2: Describe causes and effects of extended working hours

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Jun 16, 2021   #1

the phenomenon of overwork

There is an increasing number of employees getting hooked on a distressing phenomenon of excess work. This essay will discuss its main reasons and some possible consequences.

It is apparent that overworking is caused by a number of factors. The foremost culprit is a supplement competitive society. This may result from a parallel development between the world and demand in humans' ability. To be more specific, a cadre of individuals who are the best will be provided with opportunities: they receive a profitable job or cooperate with intriguing partners. Otherwise, people who cannot keep up with the pace will end up at second-tier firms and fall into an abyss of personal social status descent. Another contributor to this unease trend is that people have become more materialistic. Such judgments about one's living condition made by a cursory glance at their accessories have stimulated and perpetuated employees' work ethic.

It is indisputable that excess work will lead to some demerits. First, people suffering from heavy workloads will inevitably face up health problems. This because long hours of work cause work-life imbalance: less workers' free time spent on participating in outdoor activities and entertaining. Consequently, this reduction possibly triggers obesity or depression. Furthermore, not only the individuals become victims but also the society. It is rational that a rocketed number of employees undergoing ailments places a burden on the healthcare system. Such disorders as corpulence or insomnia require long-term treatment and constant check out, leading to an exorbitant cost.

In conclusion, extended working hours are a global crisis triggered by a demanding world and a material fetish lifestyle, which results in aggravation of humans well-being and the healthcare insurance system.
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Jun 17, 2021   #2
Okay. Put away the dictionary and stop looking up representative complicated words that do not help with the clarity of your writing. Everyday simple English words help you improve your score because that proves your actual English academic abilities. Sure, complicated English words sound impressive to the reader. That is precisely why your essay will fail.

Any examiner will immediately catch on to your hyper focus on the LR score, with a complete disregard for all other scoring needs. The presentation becomes less clear to an ordinary reader due to the word choices. The IELTS test focuses on basic writing and comprehension skills. Save the lexical collection for focused research papers. If, you are admitted to an English speaking university / English university overseas.

Do not misunderstand. There is evident understanding of the topic and discussion points. It is the proper word usage in relation to explanation development that is the problem with this presentation.

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