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Describe a favorite class you had in school. What made it your favorite class. (250-350 words)

KhushbooVohra 8 / 17 3  
Sep 19, 2018   #1

the drama class

My all time favorite class in elementary school was the drama class. Mr. Jaffery is the best theatre artist/teacher I have ever met till date. He always entered class dressed up as a particular character like Batman, Fireman or a zombie. We used to have drama class once a week every Tuesday just before we left for home. After a full day of studying life cycles of animals and location of states on the map etc, drama class was refreshing and I used to look forward to that class. The most memorable class was just before the Christmas break. Mr. Jaffery entered class disguised as an elf and asked us to go to the garden area. We all stood in a circle in the garden and he asked us to imagine ourselves as any character we would like to be in the upcoming activity. After pondering over the various characters, I chose my self to be little red riding hood. After a couple of minutes, Mr. Jaffery read out a small paragraph from a book and paused halfway through the story. He then told us to get into our respective characters and continue the story with every student saying one dialogue each with respect to their character. The story which started as a fantasy, went on to become a thriller, then mystery and soon a comedy element was brought in with some adventure taking place side by side and finally after some action sequence it ended as a fairy tale. The entire activity had left us in splits. The dialogues and expressions used were mind-blowing. Soon as we entered class after the activity, we were informed that our entire class was video recorded and was later shown to us on the projector screen. The video got us giggling and chortling. The copy of the video was soon sent to our parents and till today every time I see that video, I remember the entire storyline with the dialogues that was created during that activity.
Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,021 4243  
Sep 20, 2018   #2
Kushboo, one particular activity in this class is not enough to make it a favorite class. Memorable? Yes. Favorite? No. A favorite class should be related to a subject that was taught in it that inspired your ambitions for your future. So, if you liked drama class, then that means you are trying to become a theater major right? There should be a relationship like that being told in your story.

I learned more about Mr. Jaffery in this essay than I did about why it became your favorite class. Don't describe the one activity that you enjoyed very much. Explain why the class was something you enjoyed. Aside from it being an academic ice-breaker, why else did you look forward to this class? Did it offer some sort of avenue of release for you in relation to academic stress? Did it signify the start of your down time from academics to extra curricular activities? What? The story you told doesn't really describe why this could have become your favorite class. I can understand why it would be a class you still remember today, but your narration doesn't explain why this would be a favorite class for you. There is a missing central theme/topic/realization/inspiration to the story.

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