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Describe one of your best artworks. How did you make the image special?

PierreFralle 1 / -  
Nov 27, 2018   #1
Describe one of your best artworks. How did you use your media, technique, composition, lighting, style and/or idea to make the image special?

"Late Night in Subway"

One of my best artworks is called "Late Night in Subway". I used oil painting in this piece and smeared thick layers of paints on the canvas. I first started laying out the the shapes with my palette knife and mixing the colors that truly resembles the environment. In this case it is the R train, I use the R train all the time to go back home from school, so I mixed the colors that matches the color scheme of the R train, then eventually started forming the shapes with a thin layer of raw umber.

My goal is to achieve a sense of what the New York subway would feel like when turned into a painting, and the facial expressions they have on their face after a long day, so to achieve that appearance, I started smearing thick layers of paint aggressively on the canvas using a palette knife, and a brush to control the flow and the shape to maintain the composition. The facial expression is one the most important subjects in this piece, I made sure that it stands out by adding more ruggedness in the character's face, it is to clearly emphasize the struggle and desperation of wanting to go home.

Ultimately, I want to communicate to the people using the thickness of the paint and the texture of the brush strokes. I find it extremely important to showcase the details that make up this piece, it is what makes this artwork special and unique in different ways.

I feel like my sentences are not to convincing. Would appreciate in polishing or making some of my sentences stronger. THANK YOU :D

Holt [Contributor] - / 8,637 2521  
Nov 29, 2018   #2
Pierre, will you be allowed to present a copy of your painting with this statement? It is a bit hard to envision the presentation you are making because of the inconsistency in the presentation. I think you need to write a totally new essay that will better help the reader envision what you have painted. Maybe you can approach the presentation this way:

As an artist, I am influenced by my everyday surroundings. One of the everyday places I go to is the train station where I take the R train. Being intrigued by the colors of the train, the clothes of the people and the various emotions on their faces, I decided to put the unique scenery onto canvass. Specifically, the facial expression of one man whose image stuck in mind. Using oil, I began by using thick layers of paint on the canvass. After smearing the canvass with (name colors used), I outlined the images with my palette knife...

Try to establish the description of the image before you go into the description of the painting process. That should help you to better describe the painting process you underwent.

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