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describe the table illustrating expenses

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Dec 7, 2012   #1
the table is given in the file attachment.^^

The given table illustrates the percentage of expenses consumers spent on three kinds of items, namely Food,drinks,tobacco; clothing,footwear and leisure,education in five different countries in 2002.

overall,each country's proportion distributed unequally in three kinds of items. The group of food,drinks and tobacco accounted for a largest proportion of all whlie leisure and education only made up a tiny minority.Consumers seemed to spend a medium amount of expenditure on cl5othing and footwear,fluctuating from 5.4 % to 9.00%.It can be seen that Turkey was the country whose consumer spending on these items was much higher than others( total about 43.12%); in contrast, the Sweden's one was the lowest just nearly a quarter.It is noticeable that the Spain and Italian consumed a nearly same amount of money that made up 27.29% and 28.29 respectively while the Ireland people consumed a relatively large number,28.91%,6.43%, 2.21 % in Food ,drinks and tobacco;clothes and leisuse/education respectively. This number only ranked after Turkey and was 5.57% lower than that in Turkey.

To conclude, each country spent a different amount of money on different types and it is obvious that in 2002 people of these five countries spent a small expenditure on group of leisure and education than that of others else.

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