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Describing a competition - women's table tennis tournament

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Nov 4, 2021   #1

table tennis match at Tokyo 2020 Olympic

I'd like to talk about the most exciting table tennis match I've seen with the two players I like most. In the semi-final at the Tokyo 2020 Olympic women's singles table tennis event Ito Mina, the Japanese prodigy who met Sun Ying Sha - her Chinese opponent. Sun Ying Sha is considered the symbol of a new generation of Chinese table tennis when she was only 21 years old, was already one of the top tennis players in the world, especially in her form, is very impressive, not out of shape during the past 2 years.

When the match started, Ito Mima couldn't keep her cool "needless" style when she faced Chinese players anymore, she was very impatient to win instead. The inability to control herself makes her balls often miss the target, consequently, she lost the first set. Notwithstanding then, there was a dramatic turnaround. She suddenly to find some self-belief and made the opponent under huge pressure by leading deep in the second. Nevertheless, Sun Ying Sha with her youth and thorough preparation in terms of tactics has handled very well the spikes of the ball of the opponent and was ready to change the drop point in her balls to create surprise and win convincingly with a score of 9-11. Ito Mina was expected to overthrow the dominance of Chinese women's table tennis at the Olympics. But with the first time participating in the Olympics in women's singles and the pressure of the host country to win, the expectations of the fans, Mina competed under her strength. Ito Mima is not confident enough to show an inherently diverse playstyle. She accepted defeat with a score of 0-4 and will focus on the goal of winning the bronze medal.

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