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IELTS writing - Describing a process

Dec 4, 2011   #1
Describing a process

The flow chart given shows the procedures followed after the IELTS exam has been completed.

When the three separate sections are finished, e.g. reading, listening and writing, the test papers are collected and sent to the administrator or the examiner. The reading and listening parts are marked by the administrator, while the speaking part is marked by the examiner. The fourth part in the exam - the speaking test - is assessed after completion by the examiner, too.

Then the steps taken differ significantly - the marks for the reading and listening part are collated straightaway, while the speaking and writing tests go through another stage. During this stage two concurrent processes take place. One of them is the same for both sections, namely, sending the marks to the administrator, while the second consists of sending the interview tape (for the speaking) and the writing answer paper (for the writing part) to the examination board to be stored or reassessed.

The fourth stage of processing the exam papers is the same for all the sections - the marks are sent to the administrator to be collated and the certificates to be made out.

The final step is sending the certificates to the successful candidates.

Dec 5, 2011   #2
The flow chart given shows the procedures followed after the IELTS exam has been completed.

This article will discuss how the IELTS exam conducts.

I would like to add how writing task mark in exam. Many students don't have knowledge how examiner check essay. Writing task in based on four criteria Task Achievement, Grammar, Lexical resources, Coherence and cohesion.

Task Achievement: Fully answered the question/ questions
Grammar: tenses are used, comma, article and other areas
Lexical resources: word power of students
Coherence and cohesion: Linking ideas, linking words, logical presentation of ideas. (Using words such as therefore, moreover, so, in addition, as a result of and many more)

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