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The Developing on Human Genetic Research

yurikeyuri 43 / 61 2  
Nov 14, 2016   #1
The genetic is the main feature in human body especially which determined character, personality, physic like eye and hair color of someone. This genetic is decide of ancestry in health and illness potential, and Each someone has unique genome else. The sequencing of the genome is important for people to provide the new technology of to indigenize genome sequencing because it is commonly the genome sequencing in the laboratory. and also the genome sequencer at the moment is using mobile and internet access This instrument is called nanopore-based sequencer which to develop in genome technology sequencing from collaborative activating and empowering indigenous community as the citizen scientist. The indigenomics is genetic research to improve minority health through methods that respect indigenous knowledge. The purpose of this approach is science for the people by the people, starting with a tribal consultant resource, focused on educating indigenous communities on the potential use of genetic information

Wolf Larsen - / 127 47  
Nov 14, 2016   #2

I applied some corrections to your text so that it sounds better. They are as follows:

The genetic [...] genes...
especially which determined [...] because it determines one's...
This genetic [...]One's genome is responsible for defining the concerned person's ability to withstand diseases.
important for people [...] specialists...
to indigenize genome sequencing because it is commonly the genome sequencing [...] this senstence doesn't make much sense - you should consider removing it.
sequencer, which [...] has been developed recently by...
genetic research, [...] intended to help the representatives of minorities to enjoy healthyness.
this approach is [...]in [...] science...

I hope this will help. You should try keeping your sentences shorter - it'll make them much more intelligable. Regards.

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