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Developing public transportation for reducing at least protecting pollution

IqbalThemi 44 / 46 13  
Apr 19, 2015   #1
The proliferation of private cars on the roads in many parts of the world has led to serious problems of pollution and may contribute to global warming. Some people think that governments should spend money for the development of public transportation systems in order to help alleviate this problem. Others think it is better to spend money for the development of electric and other types of cars that may cause less pollution. Do you think it is better for government to spend money developing public transportation or developing new kinds of cars?

Global warming is the most important problem around world. One of the majors causing this is pollution which produced by over using private cars on the roads. As such, some people believe that government should spend much money to develop public transportation system, so the pollution can be reduced. However, others argue that development of electric and other types of cars are better to be developed by government to take less pollution. Whilst it is true to some extent, I believe that the development of public transportation is one solution to preserve world from climate change.

With regard to this case, government who develops new kinds of cars does not give solution as this just adds the number of private vehicles bought or owned by people and makes the problem unable to be overcome. In addition, the main cause of pollution is not because of sorts of transportation but over using and capacity from the vehicles is the most significant one which causes an increase in burning of fossil fuel of private mobiles.

On the other hand, it is more essential for government to spend much money to build public transportation. This is as government can change people's lifestyle which prefer private cars than public transportation. For example, government develops an excellent public transportation system which can make people quitter and safetier in using transportation if they travel to somewhere. As a result, people have other alternatives of transportation and encourage them to protect driving private cars.

The aforementioned evidence reveals that although developing electric or other kinds of cars is possible to reduce pollution, making public transportation can ensure pollution to be quite less reduced. Therefore, I would argue that government should be appropriate to develop public transportation to overcome pollution and also can control people who are really keen on driving and collection private mobiles.

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