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developing a strong outline for essay: Banning Smoking in Public Places

Emone93 1 / 2  
Nov 2, 2010   #1
I am writing a term paper for a first year college class. I had to pick any controversial socio-economic topic and I chose "Banning Smoking in Public Places". Minimum 5 pages. Requires research.

I need help developing a strong outline.

so far I Have...

I. Introduction
A. Rhetorical Question/Illustration
B. Introduce topic/ Discuss both viewpoints
C. Thesis Statement

II. Body
A. Discuss negative effects of smoking & secondhand smoke effects
B. Why smoking in public places should be done away with
C. Examples of places that have banned smoking and their findings
D. What could be expected if smoking in public places were to be banned in Minnesota or even the United States

III. Conclusion
Not sure?

A little bit of what I'm looking for...

- should I narrow it down to Minnesota or broaden the topic to the entire united states
- Is the topic of banning smoking in public places narrowed down enough? I want to pretty thouroughly cover the topic and not just graze over it.

- suggestions on points to emphasize
- personal opinions on the matter...if you think they would be of help
EF_Kevin 8 / 13,321 129  
Nov 12, 2010   #2
III. Conclusion
Not sure?

Yes, you cannot be sure of what you will conclude until after you do the research. This is important to remember. Do not try to write the thesis statement or plan the conclusion until after you have done your research. Also, be willing to change your outline based on the sources you find.

A focus on Minnesota would narrow it and make it specialized/specific, but you can also include info from all over the nation.

The topic can be further narrowed based on themes that emerge in the research. Read some articles, and see what specific theme you are starting to develop. Show me any group of articles, and I can find a common theme among them... it is a creative thing... looking for a common thread.

Enjoy it! The theme for your paper is not something you work to come up with.. it is something you find while leisurely reading.

When you have read 8 articles about banning smoking in public, you will see that each article is about a specific concept or perspective on the issue. Put them all together and see what they become.

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