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Essay on why the development of nuclear power should be halted"

Rybarczyk 1 / -  
May 3, 2015   #1
You have attended a seminar on aforementioned topic, reasons you have noticed :
Lack of safety
Radioactive waste
Discuss 2 of them and decide which one is more important

Over the years a wealth of various kinds of producing energy has been evolving. People has came up with ideas such as creating energy from the use of water or wind however not every idea is connected with safe natural resources and so nowadays we can see a rapid development of nuclear power. This has to be halted, but why?

First point that need to be discussed is a matter of safety.
ChristineB - / 108 55  
May 3, 2015   #2
Hi, Rybarczyk. I'm going to work on your essay's grammar and word choice:

Over the years,a wealth of various kindsmany new ways of producing energy hashave been evolvingdeveloped . People hashavecameup with ideas such ascreatinglearned to harness energy from the use ofmoving water orand wind . however Not every idea is connected withuses safe, natural resources -andso nowadays we canhave also seen thesee a rapid development of nuclear power. This has to be halted, but why?

FirstThe point that needs to be discussed is a matter of safety. Within decades,the world has seenthere have been a few, huge nuclear leaks, all of wichwhichwerecalamitoushad devastatingin their consequences. People who live in the places whereDwellers of cities in which suchthese catastropheshas occurred had to take a great deal ofmultiple medicines as precaution from theirto prevent genegene's modifications . This medication was usually successful,By and large it worked but not always;,thus there were cases of serious afflictionsorand even death.

Another thing connected with healthdrawback to the use of nuclear power is radioactive waste.A large amount of radioactive waste accumulateswhichis left in bucket-loads after the process of creating nuclear power. Such radioactivity doubtlesslyinevitably harms thehas a negative impact on environment. Consequently,the lives of people as well asand animals who liveliving near the factorynuclear factories are in dangerat risk of developing cancer and even dying from radiation exposure .

To sum up,and make my opinion clear , I am of the opinion that more important reason is radioactive waste is a major problem and the main reason we should halt the development of nuclear power . Even when factories uphold the strict safety regulations that have been established to protect surrounding communities, radioactive waste accumulates as nuclear power is produced. Because this waste stays radioactive for many, many years, it poses a threat to people and the environment for many future generations .It is because safety can be kept thanks to strict control of each factory and quick removal of every mistake. On the contrary radioactive waste is produced always while producing energy that way and it is stored in enormous quantities for many years so the quality of people's lives is on the lower level thanks to bad state of environment.

I hope this has helped you!
justivy03 - / 2366 607  
May 3, 2015   #3

I have a few points below that you might want to consider;

First paragraph; Over the years, various kinds of energy producing products has evolved. People come up with ideas of creating energy from resources such as water, wind and other natural resources resulting to rapid development of nuclear power. This has...

Last paragraph; Overall, the focus should be on radioactive waste. Safety comes first and there should be a strict rule on this that will not only be on papers but should be practiced religiously in the factory. The fact that radioactive waste is a waste in itself, this is also a product of the energy we produce in the plants or factory. Nevertheless, power plants and energy producing factories are great, they just have to take environmental safety as serious as their business.

Rybar, I completely rephrased your first and last paragraph as it seem very contradicting to what your point is and its not doing well with the goal of the essay, take note of having a logic in constructing your essay, make sure that you tackle the points one at a time so you don't contradict your statement or leave your readers asking what were you trying to figure out.

Proof read your essay before submission.


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