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The diagram describes how coal is used to generate electricity for human activities.

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Apr 11, 2020   #1


The diagram illustrates the process of making electricity from coal. Summarize the information by selecting and reporting the main features and make comparisons where relevant.

The diagram describes how coal is used to generate electricity for human activities.

It is noticeable from the picture that there are several steps, including a closed cycle, in the producing of electricity. The process begins with grinding coal into powder and ends with transmitting electricity.

At the first stage of generating electricity, the coal is moved to pulverizer in order to be crushed. In the subsequent stage, coal powder is transferred into a furnace where it is burnt to heat the water. The emission from coal combustion is released from smoke stack after treatment process in the precipitator.

Simultaneously, the water turns into steam and this steam goes through a long pipe with the turbine at the end. Then, the turbine which is linked with generator is rotated by high pressure of steam. The electricity is transmitted to a substation and travels along the power lines. Once the steam has passed the turbine, it is condensed by low temperature in cooling towers. Afterwards, this water is supplied for the furnace mentioned in the previous step.

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Holt  Educational Consultant - / 13,209 4317  
Apr 12, 2020   #2
You are making an assumption in your summary overview that is not indicated in the diagram. The electricity is simply being produced. It is not being produced for human use. The electricity could be used for several types of activities so you should not be making any unsupported declarations in the report. You will be misinforming the reader. Stick with the provided data only.

Since the images are also indicated by letter, this is one time that the use of parenthesis may be advisable. As you discuss the image. You can say that;

The first step in the process requires the grinding of coal ( image A). The second step, as indicated in drawing B is... Then the next procedure (illustration C) uses... As seen in graphic D, the steam is then...

Using the actual image letters will help you outline the process in an even clearer manner in the report. It adds to the authenticity of the report, assuming that the reader has a copy of the process diagram.

Good work on the word count. It shows that you were focused on the clarity of your discussion rather than simply showing off your English vocabulary knowledge. You will score well because of the proper focus of your presentation. There were however, several grammar issues with your paper.

Pulverizer - Should be spelled with an S based on UK English and that phrase needs to use the connecting word THE as well so that it will have a proper sentence structure.

Smoke stack - (One word) smokestack

The essay is good. It can use some work in terms of presentation to further boost the all too important LR and GRA scores. Better reference words would have also been useful but overall, I believe you have met all of the prompt requirements.

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