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The diagram below shows how honey is made in small-scale commercial production.

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commercial honey production

The linear small-scale commercial manufacture of honey is illustrated in the given diagram.
Overall, the production is comprised of various stages divided into two phases, commencing with bee collecting nectar and ceasing with the despatch of rearmost outcome to consumption areas, which is done by human being.

In greater detail, the first stage of the bee phase is that bees collect nectar from found flowers, whereupon it is brought to a beehive where they deposit honey. Over the following step, the honey is desiccated on the surface of every comb. In the final stage of the bee phase, the bees renders the cell clean with the assistance of fan wings prior to sealing them with wax.

As far as the remaining steps is concerned, the yield of honey continues with the first step of the human phase when honey combs are thoroughly gathered. The collected combs are thereupon flattened. No sooner is the raw honey efficaciously extracted than it is poured into sump tank in order to make it be heated at the temperature of 45 to 50 degrees Celcius. Subsequently, it is transferred to a sieve tank where the dirt is withdrawn from the honey prior to the conveyance of honey to settling tanks where it is stored for two to four days. Finally, after being packed in discrete jars, the merchandise is transported and ready to be commerced.

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