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IELTS Task 1 : the diagram shows the process for recycling plastic bottles

bhanushali 3 / 4  
May 26, 2022   #1

how plastic bottles are recycled

The diagram illustrates the procedure for recycling of plastic bottles. Overall, it consists of 9 major steps, starting with throwing of plastic bottles in dustbins and finishes with converting them into various daily use products.

When we throw plastic bottles and other things into dustbin, it is collected by a garbage truck. These trucks collect trash of all over the places and move them to recycling Centre. Here in the center garbage is sorted and plastic waste is separated. This plastic waste is converted into compression blocks, which makes further work easier.

These blocks are crushed by passing them into the crushing machine and are washed. After this they are put into the machine, where they are turned into plastic pellets. In subsequent step pellets are exposed to heat in order to form raw material. Once the raw material is created it can be further use for development of other products. In the final step this raw material from plastic bottles can be used to make various products like clothes, bags, stationary even bottles and food containers.

Holt  Educational Consultant - / 14,430 4691  
May 27, 2022   #2
There are 9 steps indicated. There is only 1 major step involved. There is an error in the trending analysis of the writer. The major step is always the halfway mark between the initial step and final product. Review the image again. This is a 3 sentence summary paragraph.

Personal pronouns are unacceptable in a Task 1 essay, This is a general report on a procedure. Objectivity dictates that a personal or group point of view cannot be indicated due to bias concerns. Always use general references and do not include any personal opinion or insight in the presentation.

In subsequent step

The plural form of step must be used because there are several procedures indicated in the paragraph. Be aware of proper sentence stucturing and word references.

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