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There are many diffrent types of music in the world today. Whay do we need music ?

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Oct 1, 2012   #1
Hi everybody, I am a newcomer, and I am trying to improve my writing to get ielts examination next time. I will be very pleased if you help me check and correct mistakes in my essays, many thanks.

There are many different types of music in the world today. Why do we need music? Is the traditional music of a country more important than the international music that is heard everywhere nowadays?

Music appearing very early in mankind's history has been viewed as on of the most commonly popular arts. It has been developed over various phases and lots of different kinds of music such as jazz, R and B, country music, etc. However, the most general could be divided into two types, traditional music and international music, which have its importance and effect on people in the distinct sides and conditions.

Firstly, it is argued that music has positive impacts on people. By dint of music, people would be able to change their moods and feeling from sadness to happiness, even excited. A striking example is that, warriors who go out to the battle in advance often listen to songs of their nation and people to make them become more brave and stronger. In addition, music has been considered as a fantastic therapy to treat insomniac, especially in some countries lullabies are a indispensible part in infants' sleeping. Moreover, the fact has showed that thanks to music, eurhythmic athletes and classical dancers etc. could be taken their movements more perfectly and precisely.

Secondly, each nation has distinguished features of languages, customs, and traditional music has rated as an effective mean to represent a country's history and culture. However, it is due to local and limited characteristics in the scale of its impacts, traditional music which is difficult for foreigners to understand has been only preferred by a nation's citizens while international music which is written by propagative languages such as English, french is known by the masses, especially the youngsters and good educated people. However, it's undeniable that illiterates can have difficulties with these kinds of music, so traditional music would be a perfect choice. The social statistics have indicated that some of people prefer traditional music while some are fan of international music. Hence, it's unreasonable to evaluate how kinds of music are more important, this should depend on particular circumstances and people's degree of understanding. For instance, if in a traditional funeral it would be more suitable to use traditional dirge than stimulating music. Nevertheless, if in an international event taken in a nation, using international music is indisputable.

In brief, music is a vital part in our life, it doesn't only help us get rid off sorrow and pangs, but it also makes us become more active and imagination. Traditional music is as important as international music because they have specified values, separate objects, help us exchange culture, languages, keep historical values and learn experiences from our predecessors.

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