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The dilemma of practicing the new stuff or merely following the previous approaches.

sinahector 7 / 37  
Oct 31, 2016   #1
Undoubtedly, with the evolution of mankind in several thousand years, man has made tremendous amount of progress in nearly all aspects of life. This advancements are mainly the result of actions performed by people who were courage enough to try new methods and things. In our modern society we always encounter the dilemma of practicing new stuff or merely following the previous approaches. Upon this question, a diversity of answers will be presented due to difference in characteristics, educational backgrounds, or even emotional concerns. However, this should not insinuate that I have an ambivalent feeling about the debated question. Personally, I, to a great extent, am on the belief that we should try out new and different methods in our daily life. In the following discussion I am going to address some reasons as considering them would enables us to acquire a better prospect.

All in all, there is no unanimity on the controversial subject of whether implementing new methods is good or bad among people. While there are numerous facets that can be enumerated, I purposefully elected three obvious reasons that justifies my standpoint. Needless to say, just as an English proverb goes: "a coin has two sides", the people holding the contradictory notion can proffer rational and sensible reasons as well. Accordingly, a closer scrutiny and a meticulous investigation of merits and demerits of each side of this contentious issue is needed so as to obtain a determined answer.

hitam_manis 3 / 6 1  
Oct 31, 2016   #2
hello @sinahector
there are several suggestions for you. here we go

..., man has made a tremendous amount of ...
ThisThese advancements are mainly
...In our modern society, (do not forget use comma) we always ...
... as considering them would enablesenable us to acquire ...

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