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Some dire effects of tourism - I argue that visitors should preserve the environments

Pramudita 14 / 11 6  
Oct 6, 2015   #1
Some people say that tourism has many negative effects on the countries that people travel to.
How true is this statement? what can tourist do to reduce the harmful effects of tourism on local cultures and environments?
Give reasons for your answer and include any relevant examples from your own experience.

Many argue that tourism can bring some dire effects particularly for cultures and surroundings of countries. I totally agree that tourism cause more the drawbacks than the benefits.

At first glance, one of the positive effects arisen by tourist place is many job vacancies. It is caused by many public facilities must be built so that it is requiring significant number of human resources. United Kingdom, for instance, has spent billions of dollars to improve the facilities such as roads and airports. Therefore there are a lot of humans can be worked.

However, there are many negative effects especially for cultures and environments. Firstly, infrastructures development such as roads can damage the natural habitat of animals. This is because many forecasts occurred to expand the roads then this diminishes the amount of forest land and increase population risk of animals down up. To exemplify, Yosemite National Park in US which are home to hundreds of endangered animals, the number of animals has been reduced because there are many expansions of the roads.

Also, tourism brings a detrimental effect to cultures. Holidaymakers alter indigenous identity of local inhabitants because tourism causes movement of human beings to other places and it makes cultures exchange. For example, tourists can affect language of local citizens so that it makes their language is not original anymore.

To sum up, I believe that there are many consequences of tourism places, and I argue that visitors should preserve the environments; respect the cultures of native people and do not try to change it.

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