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"disadvantages than advantages of using a computer" - my summary - computer

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Jan 5, 2011   #1
I'm new member and i need help to check my summary >

Now a days the using of computer became reciprocal for all ages. Recently for several years , preschool children took percentage from proportion of how money users of company. However, it has disadvantages than advantages because of psychological , educational , social, and behavior.

basically, it says that preschool children don't have to set with computer inasmuch for healthy dangers for example , can cause eye injuries , obesity and repetitive stress injuries. Children have to set with people that around them to get healthy education and to build strong relation, to enhance creativity, and socialization process.

According to the report, U.S. spend about billions of dollars to provide computer technology for elementary school. Also, they reduced some teachers, mosaics and art programs , library books , field trips parks to make computers as a alternative for them. Almon, a former preschool teacher and U.S. coordinator for the organization said that he encourage parents and teachers to keep children to be away from computer, but for older children it is useful. Contrary to a statement of Alan Delamater, a child psychologist at the University of Miami , he saied that we can exploit computer in educational programs, and he encourage using it in early age because of modern life. Whereas parents have to control computers games.

On the other hand, I agree with using computer in only school but for only minutes to play educational games to be out of traditional education. Too, when children become older, the education requirements will require from them to use computers to develop their skills in using computer to be introduction to higher levels. Children have to use their creativity with pencil and papers instead of computer mouse because it can't read or feel what exactly they need and what are their ideas.

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