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The disappearance of bicycles because of advancements of technology

Bumblebeeong 1 / -  
Nov 10, 2018   #1

cycling is getting less and less popular

As the world is becoming more and more modern, a lot of kind of transportations occur with high technology. This trend leads to a problem: the disappearance of bicycles. This essay will analyze the trend and some useful solutions to bring bikes back to modern life.

The vanishment of bicycles is caused by the appearance of handy vehicles. Some means of transportations have advanced technology such as cars, high-speed train, and planes. These transportations are up-to-date and make the moving time between two places shorter because of its speed. For example, a journey by car only takes six hours from Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, to Thanh Hoa, a province lies in the middle of Vietnam while using bicycle spends nearly five days. The unpopularity of cycles is also a result of the changes in people's attitude. People want to be trendy so that they buy state-of-art vehicles and learn to use those. Additionally, these new transportations make the human feel like they are wealthy when cycles could not show this. For instance, cars from the popular brand name like Suzuki, Lamborghini,... can be sold even though they have nothing special but theirs appear. With the dramatic development of transportation, cycles are getting less popular although they are amicable to the environment.

However, there are still some helpful solutions to tackle this problem. Local authorities must release a law or set a fixed time per day when people will not allow to use cars in cities. Giving high tax to people who buy cars, motorbikes are also a suitable solution. Otherwise, bicycles must be invested in and developed to become handier for people.

To sum up, cycling is getting less and less popular because of the vanishment of convenient vehicles and to deal with this issue, bicycles need to be developed while government must encourage people to use bikes instead of other means of transportations.
ronia85516 10 / 20 3  
Nov 11, 2018   #2
I think you should write more about the solutions to this problem, the problem of bicycle was well discussed, but you use only 4 short sentences to describe the solutions.

It would be better to have a balanced structure.

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