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My disappointment of art class essay. Wanting something and not getting it can be very frustrating

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------------------------ Essay Question -------------------------------
Wanting something and not getting it can be very disappointing, but wanting something and then getting it can be disappointing too. Have you ever wanted something, gotten it, and then were disappointed? Describe these disappointment.

------------------- My Essay --------------------------------------------

Throughout my childhood I always wanted to take drawing classes. I thought it would have been fun if I could learn how to draw. To fulfill my long awaited wish, I took a drawing class during my freshman year in college. However, the experience of taking drawing class turned out to be a disappointment shortly after the class started because I found that the class was not fun, that it required hard work, and that it gave me stress.

I found the class disappointing because I did not have a fun experience. The class started with homework right away. Every student was assigned to draw ten objects every week. The instructor did not give any basic drawing lessons. Right away, I felt overwhelmed with the numbers of drawings that I had to do, and I did not know how to start. I tried very hard, but I could not produce ten drawings each week. As a result, I did not enjoy the class.

Each drawing took me a lot more time than I had expected. It took me a day or two be able to draw one object. Consequently, the drawing class consumed much more of my time than all of my other classes. On top of that, the objects that I drew looked nothing like their appearances. I regretted that I took the class because it was full of hard work.

After a month into the semester, I was totally stressed out because the drawing assignments that I was supposed to turn in every week were in a big backlog. Since I was only able to produce five or less drawings each week, the number of drawings that I had to catch up to was quickly multiplied. I knew that there was no way I would be able to finish all the drawing assignments, so I ended up dropping the class because I did not want to stress myself out anymore. In addition, I did not want the bad performance in my drawing class to affect my overall GPA. Having nothing to do with that drawing class lifted up my spirit.

In short, my burning desire of being able to take a drawing class was fulfill during my first year in college; however, I found the class disappointing because my experience in the class was not fun, full of hard work and stressful. From then on, I stopped fantasizing about drawing activities. I decided that I would wait until when I am retired before taking another drawing class again.

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